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Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Sheet: 2.4.2

Sorry for the radio silence; for health reasons, I’ve been spending very little time online, and it’s really limited my blogging time. Still here! Not dead! And in the meantime, a quick update for this post:

The Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Table has been updated to include the four new jewelcrafting patterns introduced in patch 2.4.2, which went live this week.

This table includes all jewelcrafting gem cuts excluding BoP gems that are JC-only. It is current as of 15 May 08, Patch 2.4.2 live build.

Jewelcrafting Reference Table

If you prefer it in PDF form, you can download a copy here: jc24c.pdf.

Updated 15 May 08 with the four new cuts in 2.4.2 (Reckless Noble Topaz, Quick Dawnstone, Forceful Talasite and Purified Shadowsong Amethyst).

An embarrassment of trinkety riches.

Thanks to Magister’s Terrace and the new Shattered Sun faction rewards, I’ve picked up the following in the last week:

Very shiny, very epic. Given that they’re leaps and bounds better than my existing trinkets (which hadn’t been upgraded for a looooong time), I’m pretty much replacing everything at once – which means I have to work out a whole new set of mental guidelines about what I use when.

The [Vial of the Sunwell] is the one I’m really thinking about. The 15 mp5 equip bonus is very nice; I’m trying to work out how useful the rest of its abilities are. Theorycrafting post due shortly.

A new tabard!

As some of you may have worked out already, I’m something of a tabardaholic.

Cue the latest addition to my collection!

Keepers of Time Tabard

The Keepers of Time Tabard has existed in the game files for a while; in an undocumented patch addition, it was implemented in patch 2.4. It’s available from Alurmi, the KoT Quartermaster, at Exalted reputation for 80 silver.

It’s probably a sign that I play too much: I could remember Alurmi’s name without having to refer to WoWhead.

(Still quiet around these parts, because I’m busy working my ass off for Shattered Sun Exalted rep – my server just hit phase 3 (with a world first) and is making steady progress, so I want to be sure I have the rep to get the title when Phase 4 starts.)

That's one in the kidneys for the Jewelcrafters…

News just in; MMO-Champion reports that the price of all the factional recipes in 2.4 has increased significantly.

In most cases, it’s not a huge issue; it’s a matter of one or two patterns for most people going from, say, 2g to 15g. Huge jump, yeah, but not a big problem.

Jewelcrafters, on the other hand, get the shiv. All those epic patterns we have to load up on, now available from Shaani the Jewelcrafting vendor at various levels of Shattered Sun reputation? From 57g for the lot to 1900 gold. I am something akin to speechless.

As BBB would say, “lolwut?”

The 2.4 Shopping List

There’s a lot of new stuff coming in 2.4, some of which is so good I’m going to want to acquire it on patch day, or as soon as it becomes available (in the case of stuff requiring Shattered Sun faction, or access to the new badge vendor). So, here’s my shopping list:

  1. Jewelcrafting: [Figurine – Seaspray Albatross]. Requires 8 Eternium Bar, 2 Seaspray Emerald, 8 Primal Mana. (Got ’em all except the Emeralds.)
  2. Alchemy: [Redeemer’s Alchemist’s Stone]. Requires Alchemist’s Stone, 6 Primal Life, 2 Nether Vortex. (Got ’em all except 1 Vortex.)
  3. [Waistguard of Reparation]. Requires 75 Badges of Justice. (Got them.)
  4. [Greaves of Pacification]. Requires 100 Badges of Justice. (Got 53 of them.)
  5. [Ecclesiastical Cuirass]. Requires 100 Badges of Justice.
  6. [Anveena’s Touch]. Requires 60 Badges of Justice. (This is an awesome item, actually, and I should probably move it higher up the wishlist.)
  7. [Gavel of Naaru Blessings]. Requires 150 Badges of Justice. (A solid upgrade, but so expensive, so it can wait. Also, the S2 [Merciless Gladiator’s Salvation] just looks so much better!)

I’d really like to make myself an [Amulet of Flowing Life] and [Ring of Flowing Life] as well, but the patterns drop in Sunwell Plateau, so they’re going to cost a bomb.

So, that’s what I’m prepping for on patch day. What’s your shopping list?

2.4: More Dailies! (Fishing, Sunwell.)

See my complete guide to the Sunwell dailies here.

Okay, so time to give a rundown on a few more of the PTR’s new daily quests:

Crocolisks in the City
This one’s a fishing daily.

“Hello lass. I’m glad you’ve stopped by to talk to this old man– there’s trouble back home.

A traveling merchant recently sold a batch of baby crocolisks to some gullible children. Crocolisks are wild beasts, and many have escaped and now lurk in city waterways.

Grab your strongest fishing pole and drop a line in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and bring one of the little devils back to me. I’m anxious to see one.”

It’s pretty straightforward from here – just do what the quest says; fish in the waterways of Stormwind or Orgrimmar until you catch a baby crocolisk. I got one on on the fifth or sixth cast.

Intercept the Reinforcements
This one’s a fun and easy half-bombing half-kill quest. You hop on a dragonhawk which flies you out into the bay and you ‘bomb’ the sails of the three blood elf ships out there. (Just aim the bomb circle at the sails themselves.) Then the dragonhawk lands, you kill six Dawnblade Reservists, and then you mount back up on the dragonhawk (which kindly stuck around for you) and fly back. The Reservists are easy kills, and drop Sunfury Signets.

Reward: 7.6g, 250 rep.

Taking the Harbor
A straightforward kill quest; kill 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Blood Nights and 3 Dawnblade Marksmen. I haven’t completed it yet due to overcrowding and server instability, but the rewards are 12g and 250 rep.

Making Ready
Kill Darkspine Myrmidon (ie nagas) and use their keys to steal three pieces of ore from their chests. I can’t actually complete this as the NPC is mobbed on the PTR, but the quest rewards are 12g and, according to WoWwiki, 150 rep.

Know Your Ley Lines

Know your leylines! This quest is fairly easy, particularly when the island is busy with fellow questers. All you need to do is run to three locations, use the quest item (a crystal) at the spot in question and then hand it in to Astromancer Darnarian to receive a scroll that will teleport you to Shattrath (and 12 gold and 250 rep).

The three locations:

  • Bloodcrystal: top left dot on the map; look for a very large floating red crystal (surrounded by smaller ones).
  • Dawning Square portal: this is the same location as the Emissary of Hate (for the Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory daily quest); look for the large wispy purple wall.
  • Naga shrine: head over to the coast and dodge lots of nagas; look for a cupola (like the ones in Zangarmarsh) with an Azsharan statuette in it near the southernmost stretch of the Greengill coast area.

A Guide to Daily Quests V: Shattered Sun

a.k.a “2.4: Sunwell Dailies – The Guide”

Rather than do a hodge-podge of posts about quests here and there, I thought I’d try and put together a bit of an index to the quests as a whole; this should be largely complete now.

The Sunwell Dailies – How They Work

Basically, the world event in 2.4 involves the Shattered Sun Offensive – a new faction – working to reclaim the Isle of Quel’Danas, one chunk at a time. Each phase has a goal (or several goals) and the new dailies for that phase work towards those goals; the goals are achieved when the dailies have been done often enough server-wide.

Note: Once a goal has been achieved, the dailies are still accessible with new names, and (if it was a major goal) a new phase opens up. The new versions of the old dailies are listed under “Replaced by”, below.

To begin with, you start at Neutral with the Shattered Sun Offensive. There are six or seven daily quests open to you. To kick it all off, though, you’ll want to get the starter quest (“Enter, the Deceiver…”) from the questgiver near A’dal in Shattrath, and head to the Isle of Quel’Danas. You’ll automatically know the flightpath once you hit a flight master in the Eastern Kingdoms; Quel’Danas is connected by flightpath to Zul’Aman (and apparently also to Silvermoon, for the Horde).

The following are the SSO dailies. Note that unlike other sets of daily quests, new quests open up depending on how far your server is through the world event, not based on your own personal reputation level. The only quests that are affected by your own rep are: a single quest at each new rep level (which doesn’t actually require you to do anything, other than pick up a package of freebie rewards), and a single quest at Exalted which is the avenue to getting the new title. Everything else is available at Neutral rep, if your server has unlocked the phases.

This means that people coming late to the party will be able to rep up very fast indeed; once phase 4 is completed there are 18 dailies available for Shattered Sun rep (plus an extra 1 if you’re a miner, herbalist or skinner).

Phase 1: The Landing to The Sanctum

Major Phase Goal: Reclaiming the Sanctum (via The Sanctum Wards and Erratic Behavior)

Phase 1 starts in a small camp near the landing on Isle of Quel’Danas; there are two dailies here, working on reclaiming the Sun’s Reach Sanctum. These two quests are “The Sanctum Wards” and “Erratic Behavior” are described below. When these two quests reach their goal, the Sanctum is reclaimed.

In addition, phase 1 offers five more daily quests with no specific goal, three of which start in Shattrath: “Sunfury Attack Plans”, “The Multiphase Survey” and “Gaining the Advantage”; and two at the Throne of Kil’Jaeden: “Blood for Blood” and “Blast the Gateway”.

The Sanctum Wards
This quest is given by Theris Dawnhearth at the staging area on Quel’Danas. To complete it, kill Wretched Fiends and Wretched Devourers and gather 4 Mana Remnants from their corpses, then use (right-click) the Mana Remnants on a sanctum ward (the big red floating crystals with Wretched mobs around them). The mobs can be found all around the starting area on the island; don’t go down into Dawnstar Village, as it’s a different kind of enemy down there.

Reward: 9.1g and 150 SSO rep.
Replaced by: Arm the Wards!

Erratic Behavior
This quest is given by Vindicator Xayann at the staging area on Quel’Danas. She gives you a stack of modified golem control cores. Find and kill 5 Erratic Sentries; use the modified cores on each sentry’s corpse to reanimate it as a Converted Sentry. It’ll accept its new orders and run around happily. Two things to note: first, loot the sentries before you convert them, else you loseWeight Exercise the loot; second, it’s worth doing this at the same time as the Sanctum Wards as the mobs are in the same area, and these mobs are non-agro so once you’re done with the quest you can ignore them.

Reward: 9.1g and 150 SSO rep.
Replaced by: Further Conversions

Sunfury Attack Plans
This quest is given by Lord Torvos in Shattrath in the NE quadrant of the inner ring, nearish the flight point. The quest asks you to go to Netherstorm and get the Sunfury Attack Plans off blood elves there. Any Sunfury blood elf in Netherstorm has a chance to drop these plans; you may as well combine it with killing elves for any Aldor/Scryer quest you have, or farming for drops.

Reward: 10.1g, 250 rep, and Shattered Sun Supplies (a package with a random green and sometimes a Badge of Justice).

The Multiphase Survey
This quest is given by Harbinger Haronem in the inner ring in Shattrath. He gives you a pair of Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles and sends you to the Spirit Fields around Oshu’gun in Nagrand. (They’re the areas around Oshu’gun, with the large symbols on the ground.)

The goggles let you detect “red Multiphase Disturbances” passively, and have a Use effect to take a Multiphase disturbance reading. The detection effect only works in Nagrand, so don’t put the goggles on until you’re in Nagrand or you won’t get the detection buff at all (and will get very confused flying around looking for red things you can’t see).

Red Multiphase Disturbance

With the goggles on you’ll see the red glowy light patches; just get near one, right-click your goggles (it will dismount you, so don’t be too high up), and repeat six times with new red patches. (A reading will disperse any given Disturbance, but others in your group also get credit for it.)

Reward: 10.1g, 250 rep, and Shattered Sun Supplies

Gaining the Advantage
This is a gathering quest that requires you to have herbalism, mining or skinning to even pick up the quest; it’s given by a quest giver next to Lord Torvos (near the Shattrath flight master). While you have it, mining any ore, gathering any herb, or skinning any skinnable creature in Outland has a chance to drop Nether Residue as well as the usual product. Hand in 8 Nether Residues for the quest reward. I suspect this one’s worth just keeping in your logs, gathering as normal, and handing in every time you get 8 Residues – rather than actively trying to ‘farm’ for the Residues every day. Unless you’re a gatherer extraordinaire, anyway.

Reward: 16.39 gold, 250 SSO rep and 1 Major Rejuvenation Potion.

Getting to the Last Two Dailies
First up, you have to complete the Missing Magistrix quest, where you search fruitlessly around Quel’Danas until you finally find the teleporter you need in a hidden corner. (It’s at 48,45.) Use the scroll at the teleporter and you’ll be teleported to the Throne of Kil’Jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula, where you complete Missing Magistrix and she gives you two more dailies to do. (Oh, and there’s no portal back to Quel’Danas from there, so plan your questing carefully.) Note that this portal-to-the-area only works for your first run through the quests; on future days you’ll have to get there yourself.

The two new dailies are both completed at the Throne of Kil’Jaeden; be careful not to agro Kazzak if he’s up.

Blood for Blood
Kill 4 Wrath Heralds for their blood, which isa 100% droprate, and this blood empowers the quest item you were given, the Fel Siphon. You use the Siphon on elite Felblood Initiates to turn them into Emaciated Felbloods, who you then kill. 4 Emaciated Felblood kills, and you’re done. The big problem is that the Felblood Initiates are few and far between so you will be waiting a long time for your four kills unless people on your server are smart about grouping up. Note that on busy servers, while the dailies are popular, respawns aren’t a problem at all.

Reward: 11.19g, 250 rep and 5 Marks of Sargeras or 5 Sunfury Signets.

Blast the Gateway
You’re given a Sizzling Ember quest item, which you use to summon a Living Flare minion that follows you around. Kill Incandescent Fel Sparks (fel fire elementals, basically) to empower your Living Flare; once your flare becomes an Unstable Living Flare (about 6 Spark kills, i think), run it back to the teleporter to blow it up. The trick to this quest is: your flare can be empowered by being near any Incandescent Fel Spark when it dies, regardless of whether it’s tagged by you or someone else. I suspect that grouping would make this quest trivial; otherwise, try and stay near other people when you’re all killing your own Sparks, even if you’re not grouped, and you’ll still get the shared benefit.

Reward: 10.1g, 250 rep, Shattered Sun Supplies.

Phase 2: The Sanctum to The Armory

Major Phase Goal: Reclaiming the Armory (via Distraction at the Dead Scar and The Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory)
Minor Phase Goal: Opening a portal from Shattrath to the Isle (via Intercepting the Mana Cells)

So, once your realm has collectively done enough of the first Quel’Danas dailies to retake the Sun’s Reach Sanctum, it becomes a ‘friendly’ building with SSO NPCs inside, and you can go there to find two new daily quests. These are quests that contribute to opening up the Sun’s Reach Armory. It also opens up a daily quest to activate a portal in Shattrath that goes to Quel’Danas, and once that’s been activated there’s another daily to get a Quel’Danas -> Shattrath port.

The Bombing Run
This quest is called Distraction at the Dead Scar. You speak to Ayren Cloudbreaker (the flightmaster at your original landing-point), and he sends you off on a bombing run – you fly through the village, down the eastern side of the Isle, then you do a couple of circuits of the Dead Scar, then back up the other side to home base again. The part at the Dead Scar is the relevant bit; you’re given Arcane Charges, and you have to use those to kill demons in the Dead Scar: 2 Pit Overlords (big green guys with tails, like Magtheridon), 3 Eredar Sorcerors and 12 Wrath Enforcers. It’s just like the original bombing dailies in Hellfire Peninsula, really; you fly on an auto-controlled dragonhawk rather than your own mount.

This quest was originally an absolute pain to do, because quest credit often wasn’t assigned properly, and the tougher mobs took several bombs to kill. It’s now been nerfed: all mobs require a single bomb, except the Overlords which take two. It’s very easy to solo this quest with a single pass now, even if you have competition on the run.

Reward: 9.1g and 150 rep.
Replaced by: The Air Strikes Must Continue

If you’re interested in seeing this bombing run in progress, check out this post with a video.

The Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory
This one’s easy; you kill six demons down in the Dawning Square and plant your banner on the body of the Emissary of Hate. (Note that you can get credit for bannering an Emissary corpse killed by someone else, and he can be bannered by anyone until he despawns.) Respawn times are hellishly fast, so get out of the area as soon as you’ve killed your six.

Reward: 10.1g and 250 rep.
Replaced by: The Battle Must Go On

Intercepting the Mana Cells
This quest opens a portal to Quel’Danas from Shattrath. The original quest comes from an NPC in the Sanctum, but the daily questgiver, Exarch Nasuun, is in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath. He asks you to go to Blade’s Edge and gather 10 Smuggled Mana Cells from the ethereals at Bashir’s Landing – but the mana cells are hidden out of phase.

To complete this quest, fly up to Bash’ir’s Landing in Blade’s Edge Mountains, and kill the ethereal NPCs there until one of them drops a Bash’ir Phasing Device. You only need one for your entire party; one person uses it and the whole party (and pets) drop ‘out of phase’ as long as you remain in the area. It affects all party members and pets within 100 yards of the person who activated the device; if you get more than 100 yards away, you’ll suddenly drop back into the ‘real world’ (and probably get beaten up by ethereals you couldn’t see until then). Just run back towards the party until you get back in range of the party member, and you’ll drop back out of phase. The ‘out of phase’ state remains until you leave Bash’ir’s Landing.

Once you have used the Phasing Device, the world goes flickery and grey. The effect can be very disconcerting – the screen goes black-and-white, and kind of wobbly – mages with Invis will recognise the effect, as will draenei who did the level 10 totem quest. For those of you who haven’t seen the effect, it looks much like this:

Phased-out in Bash'ir's Landing

While you’re phased, you’ll be able to see the mana cells that have been hidden until now. Run around, loot them, dodge or kill the phase wyrms (which have very large agro radii, it seems). The mana cells look much like the image on the right.

Reward: 10.1g, 250 rep and a Shattered Sun Supplies package.
Replaced by: Maintaining the Sunwell Portal

Once the portal has been opened, the following daily becomes available:

Know Your Ley Lines
Given by Astromancer Darnarian in the Sun’s Reach Sanctum, this quest opens up once the Shatt->Quel’Danas portal is activated. He sends you to take ley line readings at three points on the island; the reward is a scroll that will teleport you back to Shattrath.

Know Your LeylinesYou can see the ley line points in the map to the right. The three locations are:

  • Bloodcrystal: top left dot on the map; look for a very large floating red crystal (surrounded by smaller ones).
  • Dawning Square portal: this is the same location as the Emissary of Hate (for the Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory daily quest); look for the large wispy green wall.
  • Naga shrine: head over to the coast and dodge lots of nagas; look for a cupola (like the ones in Zangarmarsh) with an Azsharan statuette in it near the southernmost stretch of the Greengill coast area.

It’s fairly easy; you can do it without having to kill a single mob, particularly if your server is crowded or you do it at busy times. Also note that this quest ‘stacks’ nicely with a number of the quests from Phases 2, 3 and 4 (see below) – the Bloodcrystal is surrounded by mobs that will give quest credits for the Taking the Harbor quest, the Dawning Square portal is the same location where you fight mobs for The Battle For Sun’s Reach Armory/The Battle Must Go On, and the Naga shrine is surrounded by mobs for Making Ready/Don’t Stop Now and Disrupt the Greengill Coast/Open For Business.

Reward: 11.99g, 250 rep, and Darnarian’s Scroll of Teleportation, a unique single-use scroll that will teleport you from the Isle of Quel’Danas back to Shattrath.

Phase 3: The Armory to The Harbor

Major Phase Goal: Reclaiming the Harbor (via Taking the Harbor and Intercept the Reinforcements)
Minor Phase Goal: Building the Anvil to allow NPC to sell badge gear and repair (via Making Ready)

Once the Armory is reclaimed, a number of new quests open up on the Isle.

The Other Bombing Run
This quest, aka Intercept the Reinforcements is the easiest bombing run of the lot. You hop on a dragonhawk (from Ayren Cloudbreaker again) which flies you out into the bay and you ‘bomb’ the sails of the three blood elf ships out there. (Just aim the bomb circle at the sails themselves.) Then the dragonhawk lands, you kill six Dawnblade Reservists, and then you mount back up on the dragonhawk (which kindly stuck around for you) and fly back. The Reservists are easy kills, and drop Sunfury Signets. If you find the main boat is too crowded, you can swim to the left or right boats and kill mobs there instead.

Reward: 7.59g, 250 rep.
Replaced by: Keeping the Enemy at Bay

Taking the Harbor
A straightforward kill quest; kill 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Blood Knights and 3 Dawnblade Marksmen. The Summoners are warlocks (with an imp pet), the Blood Knights are paladins, and the Marksmen are archers. You can find the mobs all around the harbor building, plus scattered throughout the Dawnstar Village (eg around the Bloodcrystal).

Reward: 11.99g, 250 rep.
Replaced by: Crush the Dawnblade

Making Ready
This is probably going to be the most popular quest on your server, as it’s given by Smith Hauthaa (at the back of the Armory) and unlocks her as a badge vendor and repairer.

She asks you to get three pieces of Darkspine Ore for her. To get this, head out to the Greengill Coast on the eastern side of the Isle, and kill Darkspine Myrmidons for their keys. Note that the Sirens do not carry keys! Use a key on one of the chests lying around on the ground to unlock it and retrieve the ore therein. You can collect all three keys before opening the chests if you want; also, remember they go into your keyring, not your bag.

Also note that you can pick up extra keys, but they don’t stick around – you loseWeight Exercise them either when you hand the quest in, or when you log. So don’t bother farming for extras; it’s just wasted effort.

Reward: 11.99g, 150 rep.
Replaced by: Don’t Stop Now

Ata’mal Armaments
This only becomes available once the Anvil has been built via Making Ready. Smith Hauthaa will send you to gather Ata’mal Armaments from orcs in Shadowmoon Valley on the Ata’mal terraces near Black Temple. Get five armaments, come back, and use them on her anvil to create the cleansed items she wants you to hand in.

My preferred kill spot is around 70,40. The mobs are pretty easy to kill – there are Chosen, Slayers (which usually come in pairs) and Darkweavers; all can drop Armaments, although I personally have had best luck with the Slayers. Watch out for the patrolling elite Drakonids, though.

Reward: 18.28g, 350 rep, and Blessed Weapon Coating or Righteous Weapon Coating.

Phase 4: The Memorial and The Alchemy Lab

Major Phase Goal: Build the Alchemy Lab (via Discovering your Roots)
Minor Phase Goal: Build the Memorial (via A Charitable Donation)

This phase opens up when the Harbor has been captured (ie when Intercept the Reinforcements and Taking the Harbor have been repeated up to the 100% mark). The Harbor now counts as an inn (complete with Innkeeper and mailbox) and the following new dailies become available:

Discovering Your Roots
This quest works towards the goal of opening up the Alchemy Lab. Go to Razorthorn Rise – it’s on the border of Terokkar Forest and Hellfire Peninsula, and kill Razorthorn Flayers until you get a gland drop. Use the gland on a Razorthorn Ravager (which you can find in the area covered by a brambly, thorny “roof”) and it becomes your pet – you’ll get a pet bar on your screen, so make sure your UI doesn’t have that disabled if you use custom bar mods. Run around to the dirt mounds and hit the button on your pet bar that triggers your ravager to dig through the mound. The mound will despawn, and a root will appear, lootable by anyone in your party. Get five roots, and go hand them in. Simple!

Tips: Make sure you’re not trying to use the gland on one of the bugged ravagers (which stand around evading). The ‘charm’ doesn’t wear off until you leave the area, so you only need one gland; extra glands disappear when you turn in the quest.

Reward: 9.1g, 350 rep, Shattered Sun Supplies.
Replaced by: Rediscovering Your Roots

Disrupt the Greengill Coast
Go to the Greengill Coast and kill Darkspine Sirens for Orbs of Murloc Control. Use the Orb to free 10 murloc slaves. (Note: works nicely with Know Your Ley Lines and Don’t Stop Now.) When you use the Orb, try and get as many murloc slaves in the area of effect as possible – you should be able to get 2 minimum, sometimes as many as 4 if you time it right. Note that Orbs will continue dropping on Siren kills until you hand the quest in, even after you’ve freed all ten slaves.

Reward: 11.99g, 250 rep.

A Charitable Donation
Donate 10g to help build a memorial monument. This is the ‘minor’ goal of this phase (comparable to the Portal in phase 2 and the Anvil in phase 3). Note that this goes by really quickly – my server (Proudmoore, the first to complete the monument) was completing 1-2% of the quest per minute. Also, note this quest is not available to people with Exalted reputation.

Reward: 150 rep.
Replaced by: Your Continued Support

Open For Business
This quest only becomes available when the alchemy lab has been unlocked. Gather 5 Bloodberries from around the Isle (they come off bushes that look like the Mana Berry bushes for the relevant cooking daily) and hand them in to Mar’nah in the Harbor building.

Reward: 11.99g, 250 rep, Bloodberry Elixir

Holy Shock Again

I just noticed on the PTR that the new Holy Shock:

a) costs 650 mana (up from 435, a ~33% increase), so that’s a big cost increase and makes Holy Shock much more of an “emergency stopgap” heal than a viable part of a healing rotation. This is also going to make life more mana-intensive for shockadins, unfortunately. Blizzard giveth and Blizzard taketh away.

b) is currently bugged and doesn’t consume Divine Favor when DF’s activated – you get a constant string of crit Holy Shocks until you cast FoL or HL to use up the DF charge. I assume that will be fixed before it goes live, though.