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Normal Service Has Resumed!

First of all, I’d like to apologise for my radio silence over the last, oh, month or two. My health yo-yoed quite a lot, which made it hard to keep up with WoW, let alone blogging – and, of course, once you’ve had a break it’s hard to know where to start again.

Anyway, I’m back now, so greetings to those of my readers who haven’t yet abandoned me, and thankyou to everyone who sent well-wishes and the like. :)

Coming up next: a series of checklists for instance quests, and then back to the paladin-fu!

Handy Habits: Note-Taking

Here’s a habit I’ve got myself into, and I find it saves me a fair amount of time in alt-tabbing-for-wowhead-searches.

I keep a spiral-bound notebook by my computer.

  • The front has information that I need often enough to want it written down, but things I don’t remember off the top of my head: mats for enchants I get over and over again (eg +81 heal to weapon, which I need every time I get a weapon upgrade), or potion mats (so I don’t have to look up WoWhead when I’m on my non-alchemist herb banker, sending mats through for the week’s elixirs).
  • The middle has information that I’ll need soon, but not permanently – the shopping list for mats for a storage bag, perhaps, or a list of questgivers who had silver !s when I passed them, to remind me to recheck them for quests next time my alt levels up.
  • The back just gets used as scratch paper for adhoc notes that can be torn out and thrown away as soon as they’re done.

It’s a lot better than having a random stack of scraps of paper, and I find I reuse information more effectively – if one of the pages still has the heal assignments from last week’s boss kill scribbled down, I can reuse those assignments this week instead of trying to work them out again from scratch.

If you’ve got any useful little life hacks that apply to your WoW life, feel free to share them. I’m always interested in being more efficient. :)

Meet Your Hostess

An introduction seems to be in order at this point, so: Hi! My name’s Eleanor, and I play WoW. I’ve been playing since January or February of 2005; I migrated to WoW from EQ2 (and from Star Wars Galaxies before that). I play a human paladin, Sailan, whose focus has always been healing – although of late I’ve expanded my focus to cover off-tanking as well, since a pally offtank is invaluable for AoE pulls in places like Karazhan. I find tanking challenging and interesting, but I wouldn’t want to do it full-time, that’s for sure. On the other hand, I’ve played main healers in every MMO since Ultima Online; a bit of variety would probably do me good.

I play with an Aussie guild, Southern Wardens, on the US Proudmoore server – we’ve been together for nearly four years now, from Star Wars Galaxies through Everquest 2 and now into WoW (with occasional side jaunts into diversions like Lord of the Rings Online to boot). We’re a casual raiding guild; we’ve just finished Gruul’s Lair and will probably go hit up Magtheridon or Void Reaver next – lagging behind the raiding community, certainly, but we got off to a slow start after TBC’s release thanks to major burnout on the part of most of the officers, and we’re picking up speed pretty well now.

Oh, and just to make life more interesting – and more complex! – I’ve been the Southern Wardens guildleader for the last six or eight months, the … *counts on fingers* … fourth, I think, since the guild migrated to WoW (although I was the guildleader in EQ2, as well). As if I didn’t already have enough to do… ;-)