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2.4: More Dailies! (Fishing, Sunwell.)

See my complete guide to the Sunwell dailies here.

Okay, so time to give a rundown on a few more of the PTR’s new daily quests:

Crocolisks in the City
This one’s a fishing daily.

“Hello lass. I’m glad you’ve stopped by to talk to this old man– there’s trouble back home.

A traveling merchant recently sold a batch of baby crocolisks to some gullible children. Crocolisks are wild beasts, and many have escaped and now lurk in city waterways.

Grab your strongest fishing pole and drop a line in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and bring one of the little devils back to me. I’m anxious to see one.”

It’s pretty straightforward from here – just do what the quest says; fish in the waterways of Stormwind or Orgrimmar until you catch a baby crocolisk. I got one on on the fifth or sixth cast.

Intercept the Reinforcements
This one’s a fun and easy half-bombing half-kill quest. You hop on a dragonhawk which flies you out into the bay and you ‘bomb’ the sails of the three blood elf ships out there. (Just aim the bomb circle at the sails themselves.) Then the dragonhawk lands, you kill six Dawnblade Reservists, and then you mount back up on the dragonhawk (which kindly stuck around for you) and fly back. The Reservists are easy kills, and drop Sunfury Signets.

Reward: 7.6g, 250 rep.

Taking the Harbor
A straightforward kill quest; kill 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Blood Nights and 3 Dawnblade Marksmen. I haven’t completed it yet due to overcrowding and server instability, but the rewards are 12g and 250 rep.

Making Ready
Kill Darkspine Myrmidon (ie nagas) and use their keys to steal three pieces of ore from their chests. I can’t actually complete this as the NPC is mobbed on the PTR, but the quest rewards are 12g and, according to WoWwiki, 150 rep.

Know Your Ley Lines

Know your leylines! This quest is fairly easy, particularly when the island is busy with fellow questers. All you need to do is run to three locations, use the quest item (a crystal) at the spot in question and then hand it in to Astromancer Darnarian to receive a scroll that will teleport you to Shattrath (and 12 gold and 250 rep).

The three locations:

  • Bloodcrystal: top left dot on the map; look for a very large floating red crystal (surrounded by smaller ones).
  • Dawning Square portal: this is the same location as the Emissary of Hate (for the Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory daily quest); look for the large wispy purple wall.
  • Naga shrine: head over to the coast and dodge lots of nagas; look for a cupola (like the ones in Zangarmarsh) with an Azsharan statuette in it near the southernmost stretch of the Greengill coast area.

2.4: Fishing Daily – the World’s Biggest Mudfish

Today’s daily fishing quest on the PTR:

The One That Got Away

“Figluster’s mudfish is a surprisingly quick bottom feeder found in the waters of Nagrand. They grow their entire lives and are well known as fighters.

Years ago, I caught what I’m certain was the world’s biggest mudfish… until it snapped my line and escaped.

A fisherman of your caliber doesn’t need to be told what to do– your destiny awaits in the lakes of Nagrand.”

The quest asks you to catch “the World’s Biggest Mudfish” and bring it to Old Man Barlo. No details yet on what that actually involves, as the PTR went down for maintenance before I could give it a whirl. I’ll update this post when I know more.

The reward is a Bag of Fishing Treasures.

Edit: Okay, this one’s relatively simple. Just go to Nagrand and fish until you get the quest drop. It took me 25 casts in various lakes; according to /1 chat, Sunspring Lake gives the best results. I caught it first try as soon as I got to Sunspring Lake.

2.4: New Daily Quests (Fishing, Sunwell, PvP)

So, let’s kick off some of the shiny new content in 2.4 with a quick guide to the new daily quests. See my complete guide to the Sunwell dailies here.

The Patch 2.4 Disclaimer: Until 2.4 goes live, any of this is subject to change while on the PTR. I will provide updates if I know of any changes, but I don’t guarantee I’ll catch it all.

Patch 2.4 is bringing a number of new daily quests, in a few different categories. Also worth noting is the fact that the per-day limit for repeatable daily quests is being raised to 25.

Fishing Daily

These quests are given by Old Man Barlo (<Master of Fishing>) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest – just to the east of Shattrath. I don’t know for sure yet, but I suspect he’s likely to provide a different fishing quest each day, like The Rokk does for cooking.

Note that the fishing quest may have a skill level pre-requisite, and the fish you need to catch for it may also have a minimum skill required to fish them up. I have 375 fishing skill, so I can’t tell until my non-fishing mage alt transfers to the PTR successfully.

Today’s quest on the PTR:

Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy

“There’s a lot of big fish in the Zangarmarsh lakes. Ever wonder what they eat?

Shrimp. Giant freshwater shrimp. The Rokk tells me the dishes you can make with shrimp are nearly endless.

But shrimp are too small to catch with a fishing line. So here’s the trick: cut open the bloated barbed gill trout and you’ll find a shrimp or two if you’re lucky.”

The quest requires 10 Giant Freshwater Shrimp. To get them, fish up Bloated Barbed Gill Trout from the lakes in Zangarmarsh; they’re a soulbound ‘openable’ fish with a 2 hour duration. Once opened, they contain 1-2 Giant Freshwater Shrimp (which do not have a duration) and a bit of grey vendor trash.)

The reward is a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Here’s what was in mine:

Here’s the recipe the bag included:

And the Sharpened Fish Hooks are a new lure with the same effect as Aquadynamic Fish Attractors.

PvP Daily

This new daily is called For Great Honor on Horde side and Concerted Efforts on Alliance side, and it’s given by the same NPC who gives the existing daily battleground quest. (For the Alliance, that’s the Alliance Brigadier-Generals around the place.)

Concerted Efforts/For Great Honor
Bring 1 of each battleground’s Mark of Honor (AV, AB, WSG and EotS) to the questgiver. The reward: 12g and 314 honor. Now there’s a PvP daily worth doing.

Edit: I stand corrected! This isn’t a daily, it’s just a repeatable quest. Get 100 of each mark before the patch and you can turn them all in on patch day for 31,400 honor and a lovely case of carpal tunnel.

Sunwell Dailies

Now we get down to the real meat-and-drink of the new 2.4 content: the daily quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive. This new faction is working against the Burning Legion to try and keep the Sunwell safe, and is being run by the Aldor and Scryers working together.

I’ll provide a more comprehensive guide to the SSO dailies once I’ve got further with the content, but in the meantime I’ll just discuss the dailies as I encounter new ones.

To begin with, you start at Neutral with the Shattered Sun Offensive. There are three or four daily quests open to you. To kick it all off, though, you’ll want to get the starter quest (“Enter, the Deceiver…”) from the questgiver near A’dal in Shattrath, and head to the Isle of Quel’Danas. You’ll automatically know the flightpath once you hit a flight master in the Eastern Kingdoms; Quel’Danas is connected by flightpath to Zul’Aman (and apparently also to Silvermoon, for the Horde).

The following are the SSO dailies. There are also some standard non-repeatable SSO quests, but this is a guide to the daily quests, not a guide to SSO rep, so. :)

The Sanctum Wards
This quest is given by Theris Dawnhearth at the staging area on Quel’Danas. To complete it, kill Wretched Fiends and Wretched Devourers and gather 4 Mana Remnants from their corpses, then use (right-click) the Mana Remnants on a sanctum ward (the big red floating crystals with Wretched mobs around them).
Reward: 9g and 150 SSO rep.

Erratic Behavior
This quest is given by Vindicator Xayann at the staging area on Quel’Danas. She gives you a stack of modified golem control cores. Find and kill 3 Erratic Sentries; use the modified cores on each sentry’s corpse to reanimate it as a Converted Sentry that follows you round. Then run your three Converted Sentries to the Sun’s Reach Sanctum, and wait there until their new programming takes effect.
Reward: 9g and 150 SSO rep.

Sunfury Attack Plans
This quest is given by Lord Torvos in Shattrath in the NE quadrant of the inner ring, nearish the flight point. The quest asks you to go to Netherstorm and get the Sunfury Attack Plans off blood elves there. Any Sunfury blood elf in Netherstorm has a chance to drop these plans; I picked mine up on my third kill near Manaforge B’naar.

The quest gives you 10g, “Shattered Sun Supplies” (which is a package with some random selection of contents; mine had a BoE green plate chestpiece in it) and 250 Shattered Sun rep.

The Multi-Whatever Something-or-Other Survey
This quest is given by Harbinger Haronem in the inner ring in Shattrath. He gives you a pair of Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles and sends you to the Spirit Fields around Oshu’gun in Nagrand. (They’re the area saround Oshu’gun, with the large symbols on the ground.)

The goggles let you detect “red Multiphase Disturbances” passively, and have a Use effect to take a Multiphase disturbance reading. The detection effect only works in Nagrand, so don’t put the goggles on until you’re in Nagrand or you won’t get the detection buff at all (and will get very confused flying around looking for red things you can’t see).

Red Multiphase Disturbance

With the goggles on you’ll see the red glowy light patches; just get near one, right-click your goggles (it will dismount you, so don’t be too high up), and repeat six times with new red patches. (A reading will disperse any given Disturbance, but others in your group may also get credit for it.) Then return to Haronem for 250 rep, 10g and a “Shattered Sun Supplies” parcel.

Gaining the Advantage
This is a gathering quest that requires you to have herbalism, mining or skinning. WoWWiki has details here, and says it gives 16g, 250 SSO rep and 2 Major Rejuvenation potions. I can’t confirm, as I’m an Alchemist/Jewelcrafter.