Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Sheet

I’m the main jewelcrafter for my guild, thanks to an obsessive dedication to completionism – I have every non-epic pattern. (Sadly I can’t get the epic ones as they require one to be attuned to and/or raiding in Mt Hyjal, which is a rant for another day.)

People are always asking me “what’s a good gem for my gear?” and it’s hard to tell them to go look the gems up, as WoWhead’s database includes gems from all /kinds/ of different sources (and some of the data are inaccurate, as well). So a while ago I whipped up this handy table for my guildies, and I figured I should share it here, too.

This table includes all jewelcrafting gem cuts excluding BoP gems that are JC-only. It is current as of 01 February 08, Patch 2.3.3.

Jewelcrafting Reference Table

If you prefer it in PDF form, you can download a copy here: jc233.pdf.

[Edit: updated version of this is here.]

10 thoughts on “Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Sheet”

  1. Glad you like! I found it was really helpful to visualise what I needed for a given slot, and what my options were.

    I keep it updated as patches expand the JC repertoire, so I’ll doubtless post newer versions as necessary. :)

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