2.4: Sunwell Dailies stage 2: the Sanctum

See my complete guide to the Sunwell dailies here.

So, once your realm has collectively done enough of the first Quel’Danas dailies to retake the Sun’s Reach Sanctum, it becomes a ‘friendly’ building with SSO NPCs inside, and you can go there to find two new daily quests. These are quests that contribute to opening up the Sun’s Reach Armory.

The Bombing Run
This quest is called Distraction at the Dead Scar. You speak to Ayren Cloudbreaker (the flightmaster at your original landing-point), and he sends you off on a bombing run – you fly through the village, down the eastern side of the Isle, then you do a couple of circuits of the Dead Scar, then back up the other side to home base again. The part at the Dead Scar is the relevant bit; you’re given Arcane Charges, and you have to use those to kill demons in the Dead Scar: 2 Pit Overlords (big green guys with tails, like Magtheridon), 3 Eredar Sorcerors and 10 Wrath Enforcers. It’s just like the original bombing dailies in Hellfire Peninsula, really; you fly on an auto-controlled dragonhawk rather than your own mount.

The quest tells you that some demons require more than one hit with the charge, and it’s not kidding. Hitting a pit lord a couple of times, only to have someone else finish him and get the credit is a pain in the ass; depending on crowding, it may take several runs to get the quest completed. (It took me 4, but then the PTR’s packed out.)

Reward is 9g and 150 rep.

The Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory
I haven’t done this one, but it asks you to slay demons in Dawning Square and the Sun’s Reach Armory until the Emissary of Hate appears, kill him, and use the provided Shattered Sun Banner to impale the corpse.

Reward is 10g and presumably 150 rep.

Intercepting the Mana Cells
This quest comes during stage 2, and provides progress towards opening a portal from Quel’Danas to Shattrath. The original quest comes from an NPC in the Sanctum, but the daily questgiver is in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath. He asks you to go to Blade’s Edge and gather 10 Smuggled Mana Cells from the ethereals at Bashir’s Landing – but the mana cells are hidden out of phase. You have to kill ethereals to get phase devices to see the mana cells, defeat the phase wyrms guarding the mana cells, and gather 10 cells. Bring them back to Shattrath, and you’re doing your part to get the portal open.

Reward is 10g, a Shattered Sun Supplies package and presumably 150 or 250 rep.

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