There’s no way I can fit all the links I want to recommend into a blogroll on the side of the page template, so here we go.

These are links I’m recommending to readers of this blog – these aren’t necessarily all the blogs I read, but they’re the ones I think my readers will like. This is an extremely limited list at the moment, but I hope to update it with more links soon.

Paladin Blogs

Blessing of Kings
The grandaddy of Paladin blogs, Blessing of Kings is a all-rounder paladin blog with some really insightful posts. Required reading.

Standing In the Back
Valyre is a holy paladin and endgame raider, and is a great read for a mixture of practical advice and personal experience.

The Lion Guard
A very new WoW blog, written by Gryphonheart (one of the most active posters at PlusHeal). Very promising!

Eye For an Eye
Josh is an excellent and informative Retribution blogger.

Other Blogs

Too Many Annas
Primarily a resto shaman blog, Anna also posts a lot of great RP stories, and generally useful content.

Critical QQ
Euripedes is a mage blogger, and an excellent one. This is my one-stop shop for mage news and advice.

Dwarf Priest
MK of is incredibly informative. Not the busiest of blogs, but everything there is great, great stuff.

World of Matticus
Another old classic, Matticus is now joined by co-bloggers Wynthea (priest) and Sydera (druid). Lots of crunchy and useful information, and Matt’s always on top of the latest news.

World of Snarkcraft
Co-written by Seri and Joveta, Snarkcraft is another young – but very promising – priest blog. I’ve really been enjoying this one.

A very druid-centric blog from Bellwether, a former Kitty druid, now experienced Resto healer and druid class officer.

Everyone links to this blog, and with good reason. Phaelia writes very well, and this is one of the go-to spots for resto and druid news and discussion.

Mystic Chicanery
Written by Nibuca, this is crunchy and delicious – there’s lots of tasty theorycrafting, but it never gets incomprehensible, and the broader focus of the blog means it’s still going to be interesting for people other than holy pallies.

Parry! Dodge! Spin!
An awesome name for an awesome blog. I’m not a rogue expert, but Valenna’s blog is great reading nonetheless.

Out of Mana
Megan’s blog is chock full of really useful PvP tips, especially regarding Arenas, and OOM is just really great reading. I am by no means anything other than a terrible PvPer, but everything good I know, I learnt here.

A semi-IC semi-OOC blog, which strikes a great balance between personal information and useful tidbits.

Kestrel’s Aerie
Kestrel is one of the best-known WoW bloggers around, and with good reason – he offers a reasoned and thought-out perspective on the game, and is always worth a read.

Need More Rage
The best in-character blog I’ve ever read. As written by Ratshag the Orc Warrior, and the rest of his family. Galertruby is particularly incisive and insightful. :)

Lume the Mad
Lume’s a fellow Proudmoore blogger, and is GL of a great endgame raiding guild. Lume says smart things, and says them well.

I’ve known Shift-T’s writer, Mrigashirsha, for years online and he’s one of the smartest, most interesting people I know. His blog is a mix of the casual gameplay experience, and insights from the perspective of a game designer.

Hunters Rhok
Written by Phyllixia, one of my guildies and a great player to work with. Hunters Rhok is, you guessed it, a hunter blog, with just the right mix of casual posts and game info.

Although lore shapes almost everything we do in game, very few non-RP blogs tackle the subject in any amount of detail. LoreCrafted is the exception to the rule, and is a great read.

Other Useful WoW sites

You enter your talent spec, relevant item bonuses and spell rotation, and the calculator tells you which stats you’ll get most benefit from stacking, and gives you a bunch of general information about your output. It only works for some class/spec combos at the moment, but it’s great stuff.

Elitist Jerks Class Mechanics
Discussion threads full of useful info for every class and spec. A fantastic resource.
This tracks all Blue posts (made by official Blizzard posters) to the WoW forums. A very handy searchable reference, with an RSS feed to boot.

PlusHeal – founded by Matticus; administered by Matt, Wynthea, Auzara and me; modded by a whole bunch of other WoW bloggers. These are healer forums, intended for class-specific and cross-class discussion on every level. Still fairly young, but shaping up to be a great resource.

The Maintankadin forums became popular after Pally tanks became viable in The Burning Crusade. These forums are a great resource for talking with other tankadins and discussing – well, anything that might be useful to a tankadin. Gear, spec, upcoming changes, the challenges tankadins face on certain encounters, etc etc.

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