Here you can find an index of sorts, listing the reference guides I post – these are posts that are always relevant, and the guide index will save you digging through a lot of posts to find them.

Daily Quests

Level 70 Dailies

  1. A Guide to Daily Quests I: Introduction
  2. A Guide to Daily Quests II: Skettis
  3. A Guide to Daily Quests III: Blade’s Edge
  4. A Guide to Daily Quests IV: Netherwing
  5. A Guide to Daily Quests V: Shattered Sun (and a guide to doing the SSO dailies efficiently)
  6. New Dailies in 2.3 (includes cooking dailies, instance dailies, and battleground dailies). More info on cooking dailies here, here, and here.
  7. New Dailies in 2.4 (includes Sunwell dailies, fishing dailies, and world PvP dailies). More on Sunwell dailies here and more on PvP dailies here.

Paladin Guides


Pre-3.0 (much of this will be outdated or wrong)

Quest Guides

Other Guides

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