Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Sheet: WotLK

Finally, the WotLK version of the much-loved Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Sheet. The format’s changed slightly and it’s not as pretty, because Blizzard introduced a ton of new gem cuts in WotLK, and there just wasn’t room for them in the old layout.

This table includes all jewelcrafting gem cuts excluding BoP gems that are JC-only. It is current as of 3 November 08, final WotLK beta build.

Jewelcrafting Reference TableJewelcrafting Reference Table

If you prefer it in PDF form, you can download a copy here: jc30a.pdf.

Last updated 7 November 08.

Edit, later on 7th November: Sharp-eyed reader Canth spotted two duplicate entries; I’ve corrected them, and taken a moment to fix some formatting issues. If you downloaded the PDF already, you might want to grab the new copy.

8 thoughts on “Jewelcrafting Quick Reference Sheet: WotLK”

  1. The Stat/Color rule of thumb for WotLK seems to be:

    Dual stat gems have the colors mixed and fit in either socket.

    Stat Color
    _____ ____________________________
    Agi Red
    AP Red (Attack Power)
    APenn Red (Armor Penetration)
    Dodge Red
    Exp Red
    Parry Red
    SP Red (Spell Power)
    Str Red

    Crit Yellow
    Def Yellow
    Haste Yellow
    Hit Yellow
    Int Yellow
    Res Yellow

    mp5 Blue
    SPenn Blue (Spell Penetration)
    Spi Blue
    Sta Blue

  2. PS. My chart found 2 errors in the PDF data.

    Wicked Huge Citrine is AP/Crit = 12/6 (not Crit/AP = 12/6).
    Wicked Monarch Topaz is AP/Crit = 16/8 (not Cirt/AP = 16/8).

    – krin

  3. this is really very helpful for looking at whats going down and what to prepare for in 3.2 without trawling wowhead for informtaion. Well presented and helpful.

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