That's one in the kidneys for the Jewelcrafters…

News just in; MMO-Champion reports that the price of all the factional recipes in 2.4 has increased significantly.

In most cases, it’s not a huge issue; it’s a matter of one or two patterns for most people going from, say, 2g to 15g. Huge jump, yeah, but not a big problem.

Jewelcrafters, on the other hand, get the shiv. All those epic patterns we have to load up on, now available from Shaani the Jewelcrafting vendor at various levels of Shattered Sun reputation? From 57g for the lot to 1900 gold. I am something akin to speechless.

As BBB would say, “lolwut?”

7 thoughts on “That's one in the kidneys for the Jewelcrafters…”

  1. Wow… just.. Bah.

    As if it didn’t cost enough to load up on the normal patterns… I always felt it was a tad unfair that jewelcrafters had to buy the vast majority of their standard patterns – not from vendors or faction rep – but from the auction house. I’ve never had any other profession which relied so heavily on this sort of thing.

    A lot of people seem to think JC-ing is such a major money-maker that patterns should be expensive but I don’t think I’ve yet made back what I paid for my patterns and I don’t even have half of them yet!

    Here’s hoping they change their mind and lower them again…

  2. thanks for visiting our guild blog today. Sorry I had you mistagged there as a priest blog. That’s what I get for blogging at work! lol! I made sure to get it right. =)

  3. It could be worse: Your new recipes could be Sunwell-only drops on a server with only one BT-clearing guild. Oy, the prices they’re going to charge for the new schematics …

  4. faction reward patterns……. O yeah those things that other professions get. engineers have….. a grand total of 1 id prefer the shiv to that.

  5. On the other hand, Tego, you get to learn _most_ of your recipes from trainers, whereas Jewelcrafters have a far higher number of drops they have to farm (or pay through the nose for on the AH, more likely) than almost any other crafting profession.

    Aurik – I feel your pain :) JCing set me back months on the road to an epic mount; I was literally six months behind all my friends who did the same content I did. Oof :/

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