The Player
My name’s Eleanor, and I’m a thirtysomething gamer and all-around geek. I live in eastern Australia, I’ve been playing WoW for about three years now, and I’m still as hooked as ever. Before WoW, my MMO drug of choice was EQ2, and before that SWG. Somehow I managed to miss the whole EQ phenomenon, along with AC, DAoC and the like — but I originally met MMOs through the grandaddy of them all, Ultima Online. Offline, I enjoy strategy and simulation games, with the occasional RPG; Civ III has had me firmly in its clutches for about half a decade now. And I’ve been playing tabletop/pen-and-paper RPGs since I was sixteen, although I actually don’t tend to RP in MMOs.

The Character
My WoW main is a human female paladin, Sailan, whose Armory profile can be found here. She’s been a healer ever since I started raiding in mid-05 – ah, good ol’ Molten Core – and I’ve branched out into the odd bit of tanking here and there.

However, I’m a tragic alt-a-holic, and I’m interested in game mechanics in general, so this is hardly going to be limited to pally-talk. So far I’ve got a level 70 mage and priest, a nearly-70 rogue, and an in-progress shaman and druid – plus various other characters lying fallow until I have more time.

I tend to go by Siha as a pseudonym in gaming communities, as Siha was the name of my SWG main character and it’s just kind of stuck; I always have a Siha character in any game I play. (In WoW, she’s my priest, who doesn’t get as much playtime as she should thanks to a terrible hairstyle I can’t stand to look at. Boy, I can’t wait until Wrath of the Lich King and the hairstyle changes it will allow.) So, if you see a comment from “Siha” on your blog, well, that’d be me.

The Banana Team
I don’t just play paladins!

Sailan, L70 Holy PaladinSathandra, L70 Frost MageSiha, L70 Discipline Priest
Nirrigan, L68 Swords RogueAhrinka, L59 Elemental ShamanAnei, L40 Balance Druid

The Blog
Banana Shoulders is a WoW blog about… anything that takes my fancy. Herein you’re likely to find gear comparisons, wishlists, play guides, new features, mod recommendations, and even some light theorycrafting.

The name of the blog, as I mentioned in my introductory post comes from the tragic Tier 1 paladin shoulders back in the Molten Core days – great stats, but boy did they look… well, ‘laughable’ is the nicest thing I can think of.

Here, see for yourself:

The Banana Shoulders!

Fear the mighty Lawbringer Spaulders, oh yes.

Privacy Policy
As part of maintaining the blog, I gather some statistics and information about visitors, such as location, operating system, browser, screen resolution, the site you came to me from, how long you spend reading various pages on my site, and so on. These stats are gathered not for the purpose of Evil™ but to allow me to better tailor my blog for its audience. In addition, I collect no more information than 99% of other sites on the web; if you’re concerned about privacy, I recommend using a dereferrer and an anonymising service.

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