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Apr 04

As some of you may have worked out already, I’m something of a tabardaholic.

Cue the latest addition to my collection!

Keepers of Time Tabard

The Keepers of Time Tabard has existed in the game files for a while; in an undocumented patch addition, it was implemented in patch 2.4. It’s available from Alurmi, the KoT Quartermaster, at Exalted reputation for 80 silver.

It’s probably a sign that I play too much: I could remember Alurmi’s name without having to refer to WoWhead.

(Still quiet around these parts, because I’m busy working my ass off for Shattered Sun Exalted rep – my server just hit phase 3 (with a world first) and is making steady progress, so I want to be sure I have the rep to get the title when Phase 4 starts.)

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Comment by Jarla

Made Friday, 4 of April , 2008 at 3:15 am

Wooooah, that is an amazing collection you have there!

I’ve never ever thought about collecting tabards – but I am thrilled and guess I’ll have to start right away.
Tanks for sharing this. A great inspiration for me, who is already a beautiful dress and rare mini-pet collector. ;)

And congrats to Phase 3. We are still far far away. :/

Comment by Siha

Made Saturday, 5 of April , 2008 at 3:06 am

Thanks! :)

I was tempted to collect the minipets, but I decided I didn’t want to start a collection of things where I could never get some of the items. (Eg the Blizzcon pets and the Collector’s Edition pets.)

You can imagine how thrilled I was about the draenei-only tabard. :/

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