2.4: More Dailies! (Fishing, Sunwell.)

See my complete guide to the Sunwell dailies here.

Okay, so time to give a rundown on a few more of the PTR’s new daily quests:

Crocolisks in the City
This one’s a fishing daily.

“Hello lass. I’m glad you’ve stopped by to talk to this old man– there’s trouble back home.

A traveling merchant recently sold a batch of baby crocolisks to some gullible children. Crocolisks are wild beasts, and many have escaped and now lurk in city waterways.

Grab your strongest fishing pole and drop a line in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and bring one of the little devils back to me. I’m anxious to see one.”

It’s pretty straightforward from here – just do what the quest says; fish in the waterways of Stormwind or Orgrimmar until you catch a baby crocolisk. I got one on on the fifth or sixth cast.

Intercept the Reinforcements
This one’s a fun and easy half-bombing half-kill quest. You hop on a dragonhawk which flies you out into the bay and you ‘bomb’ the sails of the three blood elf ships out there. (Just aim the bomb circle at the sails themselves.) Then the dragonhawk lands, you kill six Dawnblade Reservists, and then you mount back up on the dragonhawk (which kindly stuck around for you) and fly back. The Reservists are easy kills, and drop Sunfury Signets.

Reward: 7.6g, 250 rep.

Taking the Harbor
A straightforward kill quest; kill 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Blood Nights and 3 Dawnblade Marksmen. I haven’t completed it yet due to overcrowding and server instability, but the rewards are 12g and 250 rep.

Making Ready
Kill Darkspine Myrmidon (ie nagas) and use their keys to steal three pieces of ore from their chests. I can’t actually complete this as the NPC is mobbed on the PTR, but the quest rewards are 12g and, according to WoWwiki, 150 rep.

Know Your Ley Lines

Know your leylines! This quest is fairly easy, particularly when the island is busy with fellow questers. All you need to do is run to three locations, use the quest item (a crystal) at the spot in question and then hand it in to Astromancer Darnarian to receive a scroll that will teleport you to Shattrath (and 12 gold and 250 rep).

The three locations:

  • Bloodcrystal: top left dot on the map; look for a very large floating red crystal (surrounded by smaller ones).
  • Dawning Square portal: this is the same location as the Emissary of Hate (for the Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory daily quest); look for the large wispy purple wall.
  • Naga shrine: head over to the coast and dodge lots of nagas; look for a cupola (like the ones in Zangarmarsh) with an Azsharan statuette in it near the southernmost stretch of the Greengill coast area.

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