2.4: Fishing Daily – the World’s Biggest Mudfish

Today’s daily fishing quest on the PTR:

The One That Got Away

“Figluster’s mudfish is a surprisingly quick bottom feeder found in the waters of Nagrand. They grow their entire lives and are well known as fighters.

Years ago, I caught what I’m certain was the world’s biggest mudfish… until it snapped my line and escaped.

A fisherman of your caliber doesn’t need to be told what to do– your destiny awaits in the lakes of Nagrand.”

The quest asks you to catch “the World’s Biggest Mudfish” and bring it to Old Man Barlo. No details yet on what that actually involves, as the PTR went down for maintenance before I could give it a whirl. I’ll update this post when I know more.

The reward is a Bag of Fishing Treasures.

Edit: Okay, this one’s relatively simple. Just go to Nagrand and fish until you get the quest drop. It took me 25 casts in various lakes; according to /1 chat, Sunspring Lake gives the best results. I caught it first try as soon as I got to Sunspring Lake.

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