A Guide to Daily Quests I: Introduction

I originally wrote this guide for my guild forums; I’m reposting it here as it may be of use.

This guide is going to be full of old news to most of you, but I’m sure there are some folks who haven’t yet started on the dailies, and it’s my hope this will be of some use to them.

1. What is a Daily Quest?
A daily quest is, as the name suggests, a repeatable quest that can be done once a day. It usually has a non-repeatable precursor, and a decent cash payoff; dailies were brought in by the devs to help with providing a gold supply outside of farming, to reduce the demand for gold sellers’ services.

You can only do 10 daily quests per day, so if you have access to more than 10 quests, you have to choose which ones you want to do. Most daily quests give faction rewards as well as gold, and you can continue doing the dailies indefinitely even after you get Exalted with the relevant faction(s).

There are, so far, three types of daily quest: Skettis quests, Ogri’la quests and Netherwing quests, if one categorises them by quest location/faction. The devs have said there will be more types in future, including a cooking daily. (!) These should be coming in patch 2.3.

Note that for all daily quests currently in the game, you need a flying mount to access the areas involved, and the quests requires level 70. A level 70 without a griff could probably be summoned around by a party with a warlock, though.

[Quick links: Dailies I: Intro, Dailies II: Skettis, Dailies III: Blade’s Edge, Dailies IV: Netherwing]

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