SSO Dailies the Efficient Way

Following a few questions from Nuetralise of Spirit Is Your Friend in the Blog Azeroth chatroom, I thought it might be useful to add a companion to my Guide to the Shattered Sun Daily Quests. To wit: how best to tackle the quests once they’re all available. (Note that I’m giving the “ongoing” quest names, not the original quest names. Check my full guide for details if you’re having trouble identifying the quests.)

There are plenty of ways to go about the SSO dailies; here’s the rotation I find most efficient. This is purely a suggestion, of course; I find it stops me running back to the same spot over and over. If you’re on a PvP server you’ll need to be careful about this circuit as it does tend to take you far afield; you might want to stick closer to home.

Part 1: The Isle

Batch 1: The bombing runs, The Air Strikes Must Continue (bombing the Dead Scar) and Keeping the Enemy at Bay (bombing the boats and killing blood elves).

Batch 2: Arm the Wards! (killing the Wretched for mana remnants), Further Conversions (killing Sentries and converting them), and start Open For Business (gathering Bloodberries) now – you can finish it off during later batches.

Batch 3: the Dawning Portal; The Battle Must Go On (kill demons and put a banner in the Emissary of Hate) and one node of Know Your Ley Lines at the portal.

Batch 4: the Nagas. Don’t Stop Now… (kill Myrmidons for keys and gather ore from locked chests), Disrupt the Greengill Coast (kill Sirens for orbs and free murloc slaves), and another node of Know Your Ley Lines at the shrine.

Batch 5: the Blood Elves. Crush the Dawnblade (kill Blood Elves) and the final node of Know Your Ley Lines at the bloodcrystal.

Part 2: Outland

In order:

  1. Hit Nagrand for The Multiphase Survey.
  2. Catch a flightpath to Evergrove and then fly up to Bash’ir’s Landing for Maintaining the Sunwell Portal.
  3. Fly east to Manaforge B’naar in Netherstorm for Sunfury Attack Plans.
  4. Fly south to Throne of Kil’Jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula (across the Twisting Nether) for Blood for Blood and Blast the Gateway.
  5. Fly south-east to Razorthorn Ridge for Rediscovering Your Roots.
  6. Fly back to Shattrath, or: if you want to do Ata’mal Armaments, hop on a flightpath to the Scryer or Aldor town in Shadowmoon Valley, and hearth back to Shattrath after you’re finished.

All done! That lot accounts for over 4,000 SSO rep every day; you’ll be Exalted in no time!

4 thoughts on “SSO Dailies the Efficient Way”

  1. Hmm I am wondering if doing your step 5 after you step 2 makes more sense? The mobs needed for step 5 are closer than those of step 4. Just a suggestion! Great post though!

  2. That’s interesting. I typically do my dailies in the reverse order, starting with Batch 4, then doing Batch 5, and then Batches 3 through 1. When I return from the coast I do The Battle Must Go On, head under the bridge to the blood elf area, where Crush the Dawnblade typically takes me from north to south, and then I can do Arm the Wards and Further Conversions on my way back north to the flight quests.

    On a side note, now that I have an alt in the young 60s, at what level can a new character enter IQD and begin doing dailies? Just curious. Great post!

  3. It’s funny: I do the Outlands quests in exactly the reverse order you listed: (4, 3, 2, 1)… usually so I can hit a few Ogri’la quests between step 2 and 1.

    Like Noah, I think the Isle’s Batch 5 really goes between batch 2 and 3, because 5 is right between 2 and 3.

    And again, I do them in the exact reverse order from you… probably because I love doing the The Air Strikes Must Continue, and save it for last.

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