A Guide to Daily Quests II: Skettis

2. Skettis Quests
These give Sha’tari Skyguard reputation. At Honored Skyguard you can catch a free flight straight from Skettis to Ogri’la, and vice-versa.

2.1 Precursor:
There is a quest-giver (Yuula) next to the griffon master in Shattrath City. She gives a quest to go and kill 20 ogres in the Barrier Hills, which are very close to Shattrath – just behind (NNW of) Aldor Rise. This is a fairly trivial quest; the ogres are easy pickings, although beware of some pathing elite ogres, and an elite gronn in one of the huts. After this, her follow-up quest sends you to Black Wind Landing, the Sha’tari camp at Skettis. Quickest way of getting there: griff to Allerian Stronghold and then fly SSE up into the mountains, if you’re Alliance. If you’re Horde, flying direct is quicker if you have an epic mount; otherwise, fly to Stonebreaker and head in from there.

2.2 Quest Details:
There are two daily quests available at Skettis. They give monetary rewards, and the escort quest also gives you 2 unstable mana pots or 2 volatile health pots.

One is from Sky Sergeant Doran, called “Fires Over Skettis”. It’s a bombing run quest that you need a flying mount to complete (or be in a group with someone with a flying mount who’s bombing for you) and it’s made vastly easier by having an epic mount. There are eggs on top of a lot of buildings/platforms in Skettis, and you need to fly over them and release a bomb. It’s similar to the various bombing run quests you may have done while levelling, except that you have to fly your own mount. The eggs are generally positioned such that a correctly-placed bomb will blow up about three eggs. You need to bomb 20 eggs for the quest.

* Put the bombs on your action bar so you can hit a mouse key to trigger the bomb while controlling your movement with the mouse/movement keys. Note that you will have to target the bomb (standard AoE green targeting circle).
* Monstrous Kaliri – big red owly bastards – will agro you while you’re bombing if you get too near them. They are BASTARDS; they will evade ranged attacks a lot of the time while still being able to attack you back, and they will dismount you from your griff a lot of the time. The best way to deal with kaliri is not to agro them in the first place; try and stay well clear (which is where an epic mount helps). If you do get agro, fly way way up, and a lot of the time they’ll deagro (though the downside is that if they don’t deagro and dismount you, you become a thin smear on the ground unless you were over the lake). If all else fails, do laps of the lake until they deagro, but be warned that if they dismount you, there are water elementals in the lake.

This is the other daily quest at Skettis, and it’s a doozy. It’s a relatively simple escort quest called “Escape From Skettis”; you have to free the Skyguard Prisoner and walk him along a walkway and down a ramp; two arakkoa will spawn to attack you, but they’re fairly easy prey as long as you don’t have massive agro from adds.

The tricky bits are that a) everyone and his mother wants to do this quest, and b) the prisoner spawns in one of three random locations around Skettis. When the quest has been completed he respawns immediately at one of the three points, selected randomly (including the possibility of respawning at the last spawn point he was at) My suggestion is to mark them on your map using a map mod (CT_Mapmod or preferably Cartographer), and camp one spawn point (if you have a normal flying mount) or fly between all 3 in rotation (if you have an epic flying mount).

The standard etiquette is that if someone of your faction is already at the spawn point, you let them take it ahead of you; ninjas are a) frowned-upon, b) complained to guild leaders about, and c) often add-trained nigh unto doom by grumpy mages, rogues and hunters who can frost nova/vanish/feign death. On the up side, almost everyone doing the escort quest is happy to group with others, to cut down on the competition; just make sure not to stray too far from your group or they’re likely to start it without you or it’ll get ninja’d from them by someone else.

The prisoner will spawn in a cage on a platform that has no ramps up to it, and can be freed by talking to him. He has some oddities while pathing, but generally doesn’t bug out. He will walk 1/4 way around the platform where he spawned, to the walkway leading to the adjacent platform, and follow that walkway across. He’ll then walk around that adjacent platform, head for the ramp to ground level, and walk down it. The quest completes when he reaches the ground and all in-combat adds are dead. (Do not fly off before you get the “Objective Complete” message, as a certain unnamed guildie found out. :))

Often the platforms will have Skettis Soulcallers on them (shadow-based casters) who have a fairly slow respawn time; they’re easy kills but do nasty damage so keep them clear off your platform before the prisoner spawns. Other than that, the only mobs you should have to deal with are stray Kaliris (which the prisoner will agro on, so don’t bother trying to run away from them) and the 2 wingguards that the escort event spawns – the wingguards spawn in a different spot for each of the 3 spawn points.

This quest can be easily soloed, although holy priests are going to have a harder time of it than anyone as the prisoner will wind up tanking and can’t be healed (or buffed, which means pallies can’t taunt off him either, so keep righteous fury up and dps hard).

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