All This Honor’s Burning A Hole In My Pocket

So, Eyonix announced today that Honor points and Marks of Honor will be wiped clean when WotLK goes live. As you can imagine, the tears are deep enough to drown in – the resulting thread is up to 48 pages already – but Eyonix does offer a small consolation:

For those with unspent honor points prior to the release of the expansion, we will be offering a few upgrades and special rewards in next content patch solely for purchase via the honor system.

Rather than cry about it – and trust me, I’m disappointed; I’ve got 20,000 points to spend – I’d rather optimistically contemplate what they can implement in 3.0.2 for me to spend my Honor on. If the whole point of the Honor reset is to avoid giving people a big gear advantage at 80, the majority of the new items are likely to be for flavour and style – there’s no point giving out upgrades when the only people who need gearing help for levelling to 80 probably don’t have much in the way of stockpiled honor either. So, here’s some brainstorming from my pal Vikos and I for some appealing Honor dumps:

1. Make Black War mounts cost Honor, not Marks – or put in alternate/variant mounts that cost Honor, not Marks.

2. Battleground Flasks that last through death, purchasable with Honor points. Actually, I think they should implement these anyway.

3. Non-combat pets! Little mini Frostwolf Cubs, Alterac Lambs, Chillwind Harpies, and other PvP-themed pets.

4. Guardian minipets or trinkets, like the much-loved mechanical yeti – they could summon little dwarven battle-tanks and horde bladethrowers, or labourers and peons like the NPCs you see in Arathi Basin.

4. More battle standards – how about ones that give you 5% extra honour or experience on all kills in their vicinity?

5. Novelty trinkets – how about an Orb of Deception-style trinket that allows you to look like a battleground NPC of the opposing faction, or one that disguises you as a node flag? (If you can turn into a tree or a crate, why not a flag?)

6. Consumables other than potions – temporary weapon oils or stones, for instance, with PvP utility.

7. Tabards. Of course I was going to say tabards, but it’s not a bad idea! There are BG-specific tabards for WSG, AV and AB – what about an Eye of the Storm tabard, or some general PvP tabards? We haven’t seen those for a long time.

8. Clothing and dress armor to match the Battlemasters, battleground NPCs, and battleground weekend barkers.

Update: Well, there’s some wasted opportunities. WoW Insider have just posted the new Honor-purchased items, and they’re very uninspiring – cloaks, trinkets, and the unbinding of Honor-bought gems. Yawn.

7 thoughts on “All This Honor’s Burning A Hole In My Pocket”

  1. Their are some new items up on the battlemasters on test. 4 new level 70 battemaster trinkets and 2 cloaks, all around s4 level. The cloaks are very nice and I will certainly blow some honor on one. Unfortunately I have 74k to spend:( but your post has given me some ideas as I had forgotten about the standards and mounts. My other problem is because i know 3.0 will give me 20 or so extra slots my bags are really really full right now between brewfest and offset raid gear.

  2. I guess you could buy some of the s2 items for RP. 74k honor, 100 of each marks…only to do it all over again in Wrath. /wrists

  3. I’d be interested to see the prices of these new items… The last lot of Battlemaster trinkets and capes were quite expensive IIRC. Wonder if Blizz will lower costs for these?

  4. I think I must be one of the few people out there NOT crying about it! Simply because I was planning on spending it all before Wrath anyway =P

  5. @Phyllixia – yeah, I keep meaning to check, and forgetting. If they’re 15K, sure – if they’re 40K, not so much.

    @Pike – so would I! :)

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