6 thoughts on “A Letter To Coren”

  1. That stumpy little ninja on top of his maliciously purloined Kodo neglected to mention that he STOLE that Kodo out from under a far more deserving dorf by 2 on the roll. This was after waiting till everyone had rolled and sending an encoded message over the internets to hax WoW and make his roll win.

    I hope that Kodo has rabies and bites yer bum off! I hope it trips on your beard & lands on you, popping your head open like a Pez dispenser!

    YARGH! >.<

  2. @ MoarHPThanJesus: That means I can use ALL of your alts to summon him for me right?
    @ Wildence: Ditto, when you get yours.
    @ Angrydorf: Ditto, when you get yours.
    @ Sailan: (Do I really have to repeat myself, here? :D)

  3. I got him right at the buzzer (seriously, the holiday ended about 10 seconds after it dropped) on my mage, which is perfect because a gnome on a kodo is totally awesome.

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