That was AWESOME.

Well, that was fantastic fun :)

I’m still doing Warsong Gulch at the moment, because I need 90 tokens – 30 for the Black War Elekk and 60 for the tabard – and I’ve got about 20. Oh, and rep… slowly, slowly.

My last game:

Warsong win

If more battlegrounds were like that, I could really enjoy them – an epic battle, fighting back and forth for control of the flags, and a fun team to play with. (And the three top DPSers were my guildies, which was gratifying :))

68 tokens to go…

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  1. I know how exactly you feel. Seeing as I’m not raiding atm and just preparing for WotLK, so I to spec Shockadin, team up with some friends and just give it our all. In the past two weeks I have had the most epic games ever, doing DPS (proudest moment was soloing a full S2 Warrior with still 60% health left), and keeping the FC alive. I’ve made many screenshots to look back at them :)

    I think if Alliance actually tried, they would win more games, but they just run away when they see 2-3 horde mounting towards them… WSG is my favourite BG atm, even if I don’t need the marks anymore. 3 weeks ago, I needed 30 marks for the S2 legs. Now I have 25 that I don’t need lol.

  2. That’s a really nice win.

    WSG is really a good battleground, especially if you play it with friends/guildies.

    Btw, links from your feed don’t work. You might want to check that out (especially Feed Statistics).

  3. Was a very fun WSG. Blame Sailan for the lack of deaths. She actually healed me for once. I’m sure it was misdirected, but I’ll take it :)

  4. Phyllixia: I was chewing down healthstones like they were Skittles! Well…I only had 2..but they tasted Skittle-y. Also I think I have some points in blood craze…

    I am so proud to have topped (ok, jointly topped :P) the killing blows list & be 2nd on the deaths list! That is the sign of a warrior with a twitchy intercept button and limited situational awareness…

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