What Can't You Delete?

I don’t know a single serious long-time WoW player who doesn’t have bank and bag space woes, at least on their main. That goes double if you’re a hybrid searching for bank space for your healing, tanking, dps, pvp, regen, stam, threat and resist sets.

And yet, and yet… only the most hard-hearted players are cruelly efficient enough to be able to delete or vendor everything they’re not actually using at their current level of progression. The rest of us, well – we hold onto our vanity pets and our tabards and our lovely dresses and our festival pantsuits and our armor from three tiers of progression ago that we just can’t bear to get rid of because it looks so cool or we sweated blood getting it.

Which is why Sailan has full 20-slot bags in her inventory, and 6×20 and 1×22 in the bank. Sigh.

In my case, the armor I can’t bear to ditch is my Tier 2 set, the Paladin’s Judgement Armor. That’s it at right, along with an amazingly matchy [Tabard of Flame], and the weapon is Nefarian’s mace, [Lok’amir il Romathis]. I don’t actually have a full set of T2 armor – we only ever got one Judgement chest drop, and there was another paladin ahead of me on DKP – but I was very lucky to get my guild’s only Lok’amir.

Judgement Armor may not be terribly well itemized – as an example, the shoulders feature Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Fire Resist, Spellpower and mp5 – but it’s so incredibly awesome-looking. Judgement is, I think, the absolute best of the pre-TBC armors. A few TBC sets come close – I’m a big fan of Mage season 1 and Warlock tier 6 in particular. (Okay, so I hate the Malefic helm, but the rest of it is great.)

So – what’s still sitting in your bank, too beloved to vendor or disenchant?

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  1. Well, I’ve still got Verigan’s Fist sitting in my bank. Why? Because it was the first ‘epic’ Paladin quest, and I just couldn’t bear to let it go. Everytime I see the dreaded words ‘Bank is full’ I think ‘time to vendor it’, yet I still find a way to clear out other, less important stuff, and The Fist remains.

    Oh, and I still have Linken’s Boomerang — you never know when you’ll need that 30-yard ranged pull, though the new and improved Lich King Holy Shock may finally convince me to unload it; and, of course, the Holy Mightstone — a weapon so epic, there just never seemed to be anything worthy of breaking it for.

    By the way, I had the purple version of the Judgment set (still have the Mask of Penance, can’t seem to get rid of it), and I agree that it really is cool looking. I laughed at those shoulders at first, but came to love them, and was saddened to see them go, though at least I’m no longer worried about stabbing myself with one of those daggers!

  2. I think my bank is cluttered up mostly with holiday/special event stuff. As well as some gear that has a story behind it or is too nostalgic for me to delete (the gun that a good friend gave me a long time ago “for being the best hunter I have played with” is NEVER gettin’ deleted!)

    I also have a few quest items from long-ago quests that have stuck in my mind. “Tear of Grief” was a quest reward from a quest in Darkshore, I got it at level 13 or something. It’s in my bank because it was the first quest where I really sort of felt something and it reminds me that there is some really good storytelling in this game. Same with Ladimore’s sword (from Duskwood) and some other stuff.

    Two full bank slots are occupied by herb bags (go go alchy/herby!)

    And quite a few bank slots are used for various types of “currency”: PvP tokens, badges of justice, et al., and my PvP gear.

    As for my bag space, well, if I head into a heroic or raid with more than five empty bag slots it’s pretty much a miracle. *grumbles about quiver*

  3. Lawbringer (strangely enough, I actually completed the set in TBC, buying the belt off AH for 20g.)

    Judgement (my first complete Tier set, still a good looking set)

    Lightbringer (well, 5 piece + matching belt and boot, the first good looking set after Judgement)

    Verigan’s Fist (I’m putting Executioner on this weapon)

    Sulfuras (consider the expense and the effort that went into making this thing, this will NEVER get deleted).

    My current shield, Bulwark of Azzinoth. I’m still kicking myself for deleting the dragon shield from BWL.

  4. Whirlwind Axe, fer it made me a true Warrior.
    Truesilver Champion, fer it got me to Outland.
    Honed Voidaxe, fer it got me to 70.
    The Helm of Evil Laughter, fer it were awesome.

  5. Earthwarden – just looking at it reminds me of all the people who were nice enough to put up with me pushing SV runs ad exalted.
    Mark of Tyranny – I was a bear tank before it was cool.
    Bouquet of Red Roses – For luck on new raid bosses. But don’t forget to re-equip your tanking stick if you’re the MT. (*cough*)
    Tuxedo Suit – It’s important to look good.
    Shockwave Truncheon – It just looks *so cool*
    Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Staff – I’ll do the quest one of these days…

    There’s other stuff, but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

  6. I went through my bank the other day and put everything I’m not wearing at my current level of progression, or will never wear again, in my bags. I then clicked on the disenchant icon, got the blue glow on the gauntlet, sat for a minute looking at all my bags full of stuff, and then put it all back in the bank! I’m such a wimp, I can’t DE or vendor anything! I know with Wrath coming I should, and I probably will eventually, but I just can’t do it.

    I have a frost set (partially crafted), a fire set (partially crafted), nearly full t4 (lacking the chest), a haste set, a PvP set, and a stam/spell hit set for tanking Krosh in Gruul’s Lair (where we only go on weekends occasionally). I have like five wands, nearly ten trinkets, 32 (or so) vanity pets, heck, I even still have those old marks that you used to get epic rep items with Argent Dawn. I have festival clothes and the Lovely dress, the Haliscan clothes that match the pet/hat from H. Durn., full christmas attire (minus the hat), the Hallow’s End cloth pumpkin hat, almost ten mounts!! I’m an epic pack-rat!!

    I think once Wrath is released, the only set I’ll keep is my t5, it’s the only full set of armor I have, other than the crafted gear and holds a special place in my heart as I was the first in my guild to have full t5!! Otherwise, everything will go. I’m going to need the bank space.

    So, don’t feel too bad that you can’t get rid of your stuff, I can’t either!! :D

  7. 8/8 Judgement, I have a few peices of Redemption including a pants token but am undecided about it and my bags are very full these days:( knowing that pets and mounts hsve their own spot in Wotlk I have been letting them accumulate. My last charge of Tea with Sugar has been sitting in my Bags for the last few weeks of Brutulas attempts waiting for that absolulely needed time. I used the first 2 charges on Patchwerk back in the day.

    Items I regret disenchanting? Shield from BWL and Ashkandi.

  8. My azuresong mageblade and my AQ20 staff I will always keep as they were so cool in their day… My first epic mount, my old PvP gear, my level 60 fire resist set, and of course all my non-combat pets.

    The rest of it is living on borrowed time. When I need that bank slot – it’s goneski!

  9. I just don’t have the heart to delete much stuff, especially not the vanity pets. The oldest thing I still have is Av’s Runecloth Robe, as that was the first thing I decided ahead of time he was going to have, collected the mats, etc. Plus, they just look so cool and are great for dress up!

  10. One word. Benediction.

    That staff is so pro. Since I’m shadow now, I only heal irregularly in Kara and such. When I do though, I bust out the Bene, still in all it’s +55 healing glory. I have better, stat-wise, but in reality, there is no greater healing weapon than the great glowing staff that is Benediction.

    Oh, and I have a fruitcake from WoW’s first Christmas. Who doesn’t though, really?

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