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What Can't You Delete?

I don’t know a single serious long-time WoW player who doesn’t have bank and bag space woes, at least on their main. That goes double if you’re a hybrid searching for bank space for your healing, tanking, dps, pvp, regen, stam, threat and resist sets.

And yet, and yet… only the most hard-hearted players are cruelly efficient enough to be able to delete or vendor everything they’re not actually using at their current level of progression. The rest of us, well – we hold onto our vanity pets and our tabards and our lovely dresses and our festival pantsuits and our armor from three tiers of progression ago that we just can’t bear to get rid of because it looks so cool or we sweated blood getting it.

Which is why Sailan has full 20-slot bags in her inventory, and 6×20 and 1×22 in the bank. Sigh.

In my case, the armor I can’t bear to ditch is my Tier 2 set, the Paladin’s Judgement Armor. That’s it at right, along with an amazingly matchy [Tabard of Flame], and the weapon is Nefarian’s mace, [Lok’amir il Romathis]. I don’t actually have a full set of T2 armor – we only ever got one Judgement chest drop, and there was another paladin ahead of me on DKP – but I was very lucky to get my guild’s only Lok’amir.

Judgement Armor may not be terribly well itemized – as an example, the shoulders feature Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Fire Resist, Spellpower and mp5 – but it’s so incredibly awesome-looking. Judgement is, I think, the absolute best of the pre-TBC armors. A few TBC sets come close – I’m a big fan of Mage season 1 and Warlock tier 6 in particular. (Okay, so I hate the Malefic helm, but the rest of it is great.)

So – what’s still sitting in your bank, too beloved to vendor or disenchant?