Shared Topic: What I Will Be Doing…

…when Wrath of the Lich King hits.

This is this week’s Shared Topic from Blog Azeroth, a question posed by Dechion of Dechion’s Place.

What Will I Be Doing On Wrath Day?

…Trying to update my mods.

No, Seriously…

I actually hope to have my UI all fixed and ready to go, testing it on the 3.0 PTR and on Beta.

My basic plan will be:

Mr.Coffee9 Hours before Midnight Launch: Get six hours of sleep.

2 Hours before Midnight Launch: Drive to store, start queueing.

1am Wrath Day: Get home, start installing Wrath. Log on teamspeak to chat with guildies doing the same thing – or catch an extra hour’s nap, who knows :)

3am Wrath Day: Finish installing and patching. Have a coffee.

3:01am Wrath Day: Start playing! Head to Northrend. Train Grand Master tradeskills. Start questing on the paladin. Have a coffee and eat something for blood sugar. Try and force myself to keep the mage on follow to gather ore and herbs.

When Northrend starts crashing from load: Head back to Shattrath and do all the stuff I had saved up – level tradeskills as far past 375 as possible with TBC-level mats, for instance. Have more coffee.

When Northrend gets really bad: Get some sleep.

Repeat ad infinitum… or at least ad 80. ;-)

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