20 thoughts on “Herbal Remedies – Am I Overdoing It?”

  1. (In fact, I’ve got bit of a shortage in the level 40-60 range, which I will probably work to fill over the next couple of weeks.)

  2. I know from my experiments in Inscription that you don’t need nearly that much Peacebloom and Silverleaf, maybe you can sell the excess at a profit. :)

  3. @Athryn – yeah, but the Inscription costs aren’t finalized yet; there are still a lot of bugs and incorrect costs in there. So, I take nothing for granted.

    (That said, yeah, I know I’ll have surplus. I shall AH them at a profit once 3.0 hits :))

  4. I’ve been considering doing the same thing, but the time needed to stockpile that many herbs is outrageous… the other option is to buy the herbs, but until I know which ones will for sure be used in inscription, I don’t want to risk it.

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  6. @Harmun: Most of my pre-TBC herb stocks actually came from levelling up a couple of alts with Herbalism along the way – rather than go through the tedium of farming, I just picked everything I saw as I levelled, then dropped Herbalism once I was high enough :)
    @Shammy: Thanks :) There is a Home link in the grey menu on the top right, but it doesn’t display properly for IE users at the moment, and I haven’t managed to bash it back into shape yet. In the meantime you can always just delete everything from the URL except bananashoulders.com :)

  7. I keep meaning to start stockpiling herbs on Live, but every time I think about it, I get distracted by a quest or an LFG message on the beta. Maybe the next time the server throws a fit and the devs give it a timeout.

    Oh, for inscription, have you been able to do much post-300 work with it yet? Since milling for Outland herbs got screwed up this last patch, I haven’t been able to make much progress with the mats I had available.

  8. @Ragar – I haven’t done too much Inscription levelling yet. I want to make a powerlevelling guide for it, so I’m waiting til they fix the mats cost of the glyphs before I go too far with it.

  9. ZOMG!!! You have enough herbs in there to start a supermarket! :)…Hang in there should not be long before the 1-300 lvl is out.

  10. i’m starting to gather herbs too. but i need lots of space to store those herbs. i’m not sure if i want to do inscription, but i gather them just in case.

  11. Nice screenshot. I have a similar amount of herbs saved up. Quick question though; for a bank alt, which is cheaper, buying guild bank tabs or all those bags/personal bank slots?

  12. Well, that’s 292 bank slots there, which is the equivalent of approximately 3 guild bank tabs. 3 tabs in a guild bank would cost 850 gold.
    Buying the bank slots for a banker costs 111 gold, plus the bags – approximately 140g in mats for the larger herb bags, about 50g in mats for the smaller herb bags, and about 5g for the regular bags, which comes up at about 735g – so 845 gold for the bags plus the bank slots.
    So pricewise, they come out almost even. However, there’s easy room for expansion by adding two more of the big herb bags (280g) for a net gain of 24 slots . Adding any further room on a guild bank would require buying another tab for 1000g (although that’s a cheaper price per slot).
    The big advantages for me in doing it this way is that my herb banker character can remain in my guild, which means I don’t have to miss out on guild conversations while I’m banking (which is important as I’m the guild leader) and that I can easily call up what’s on that character using Possessions or a similar addon from any other character, without having to log in to the banker.
    However, from a pure financial perspective, it’s probably a 50/50 choice, varying largely on whether mats for bags are cheaper or more expensive on your server, and whether you have access to a crafter who can make the bags.

  13. Oh, further advantages/disadvantages:
    A guild bank slot doesn’t care what kind of item you’re putting in it, so you’re not limited to one type of trade goods.
    On the other hand, a banker can upgrade their storage when bigger bags are release (as they are in WotLK); a guild bank can’t.

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