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Alltop, the (WoW) Magazine Rack

I hadn’t actually heard of Alltop until the WoW subsite launched and Matt posted about it, but now I’ve taken a look I like the concept. Alltop presents a selection of recent posts from a number of editor-selected blogs on an issue, allowing you to browse like you would at a magazine rack. It’s a good concept, especially for people who don’t tend to read blogs via feed readers, and I was very proud to find that Banana Shoulders is featured as one of the blogs there.

If you’re interested, you can find out more at worldofwarcraft.alltop.com!

For Arthas!

I’ve just played through the Death Knight starting area and quests on Siaka, my Draenei Death Knight. I have to say it: this is the single most fun and immersive in-game experience I’ve ever had. I tend to think almost everyone should roll a death knight – even if they have no desire to play one long-term – and at least play through the starting area, to experience this for themselves.

For those of you who want spoilers: rather than reinvent the wheel by trying to show off the content myself, I point you to Lume’s blog; he’s posted an in-depth review, including videos of some of the pivotal scenes.

You can always use more +heal!

Now that the “media blackout” has been lifted, I’m happy to announce a new project I’m involved with:

Plus Heal is a new community for healers of all stripes. Founded by Matticus of World of Matticus, the admins are Matt, Auzara (of Chick GM) and yours truly. We’re joined by a great mod team with some familiar faces: Anna of Too Many Annas, Lume of Lume the Mad, Nuetralise of Spirit is Your Friend, and Wynthea, also of World of Matticus.

It’s a very young community, so of course it needs more content, but I’m confident it has the potential to grow into a useful resource where we can all learn to be better healers. Hope to see you over there. ;-)

Azeroth: what a strange little planet!

As linked by Leafshine: James Wallis, a very smart and entertaining fellow (for whom I once had the privilege, briefly, of working) recently gave a presentation on the geophysics of Azeroth.

The video is visible at Leafy’s blog; the results are quite surprising. Did you know, for instance, that Azeroth is about twelve kilometres in diameter and about five hundred times as dense as lead? And you might be surprised at what really causes lag…

Well worth a viewing or two.

The Fire Festival is here!

So, the Midsummer Fire Festival has just started, and it’s been newly revamped with the kind of content familiar to those who played around with last year’s Hallow’s End and Brewfest holiday festivals. There’s lots of flavourful fluff and some nifty non-combat rewards.

Rather than write up a guide myself, I’m just going to provide a few good links:

Enjoy! I’m off to bed, and when I get up I’ll be going to set myself on fire!

Link Round-Up II

Some useful links for your day, in bite-sized chunks:

Bre of Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick has a very useful list of pre-raid gear guides, by class and spec. She’s kieeping it updated, too.

Seri of World of Snarkcraft has a great guide to reputations. It’s aimed at priests, but there’s a very useful roundup of all the major Northrend factions in there as well. Wynthea over at World of Matticus just made a similar post, too, so between those two your rep-guide needs should be covered.

Last week, Anna of Too Many Annas posted a great rant about why dual specs aren’t the answer to healer DPS woes. I echo that — when I gripe about holy paladin DPS, people feel compelled to point out that healers shouldn’t be able to do great DPS. All I want, though, is parity with the other freshly-DPS-buffed healing specs.

There’s a meme circulating the WoW-blogosphere at the moment: the noble and virile Ratshag, of Need More Rage tagged me to answer: who was the first commenter on your first post? Well, my first commenter was my old friend Leafshine, welcoming me to the ranks of WoW bloggers. It’s his fault that I’m WoW-blogging at all, in fact.

Although I love healing, it’s not without its problems and frustrations. This thread on the official forums (relinked from a recent post by Anna) does an excellent job of summarizing the main frustrations of the role.

New Blog Recommendation: I’m really enjoying Binary Colors, from a RPing paladin on Feathermoon-US. I don’t RP in-game, although I do think about how in-game events would affect my characters, and I’m a veteran player of pen-and-paper RPGs. Binary Colors is, I’m finding, insightful and interesting and funny.

A guide to “Love Is In The Air”

A friend asked me for a guide to the quests involved in the Love Is In The Air festival, which has just started and runs until February 15th.

However, I don’t need to provide one! MK of A Dwarf Priest has written an excellent guide, which you can find here. Thumbs up, go read it.

(Oh, in case you’re interested, the Love Is In The Air quests in each city do not give any reputation. I checked them all.)