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Jul 11

Now that the “media blackout” has been lifted, I’m happy to announce a new project I’m involved with:

Plus Heal is a new community for healers of all stripes. Founded by Matticus of World of Matticus, the admins are Matt, Auzara (of Chick GM) and yours truly. We’re joined by a great mod team with some familiar faces: Anna of Too Many Annas, Lume of Lume the Mad, Nuetralise of Spirit is Your Friend, and Wynthea, also of World of Matticus.

It’s a very young community, so of course it needs more content, but I’m confident it has the potential to grow into a useful resource where we can all learn to be better healers. Hope to see you over there. ;-)

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Comment by Saresa

Made Friday, 11 of July , 2008 at 12:43 pm

Sounds very interesting! I am glad to see you guys thought of a name for it as well – I’ll be sure to pop in and look for tips for when my druid goes resto!

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