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Welcome to Banana Shoulders, my all-new World of Warcraft blog. I intend to cover a mix of new features, in-depth analyses, a bit of theorycrafting, general tips and advice, and links to useful resources. I’ve played a paladin for coming up on three years now, but I also have a high-level priest and mage, and I try not to restrict myself to focusing on any one class. :)

I’ve been contemplating a World of Warcraft blog for a while, and have dithered on the issue for oh, months now. (Every time I listen to a WoW podcast I keep thinking “man, I could do this better”, but I know I don’t have the time for that!)

Why “Banana Shoulders”, though?

It’s something of a paladin in-joke, really. Those of you who were raiding Alliance-side in pre-Burning Crusade days may remember the delightful graphics of the Paladin Tier 1 set, aka “Lawbringer”. The helm looked a bit ridiculous, but you could hide that. You couldn’t hide your Lawbringer Spaulders, though, much as one wanted to.

See? Banana Shoulders. (You can kind of see why paladins were itching to upgrade to their Tier 2 Judgement Spaulders, right? ;-))

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