Azeroth: what a strange little planet!

As linked by Leafshine: James Wallis, a very smart and entertaining fellow (for whom I once had the privilege, briefly, of working) recently gave a presentation on the geophysics of Azeroth.

The video is visible at Leafy’s blog; the results are quite surprising. Did you know, for instance, that Azeroth is about twelve kilometres in diameter and about five hundred times as dense as lead? And you might be surprised at what really causes lag…

Well worth a viewing or two.

3 thoughts on “Azeroth: what a strange little planet!”

  1. Indeed; I was briefly a freelancer on Nobilis (for the adventure book which was, I believe, never published) during the Hogshead era.
    (I remember meeting you at GenCon 01 or 02, actually, although I imagine that publishers met so many supplicant freelancers that you’re unlikely – despite the relatively rare Aussie accent – to remember me. ;-))

  2. Aha, yes, it begins to fall into place. Yes, we only did one Nobilis supplement in the end: Guardians of Order had plans for more, but then they had plans for many things. And while my memory for faces/names is notoriously awful, I do recall a meeting at a Gen Con, I think at the Hogshead booth, and I think you had someone with you. That’s all I got. Notoriously awful, as I said.

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