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Blog Redesign

Excuse the chaos around the place, I’m just implementing a new blog template; hope you like it. I’m told the menu misbehaves in IE7; I apologise to anyone benighted with it, and I’ll fix it as soon as I get a chance to test it in IE7 (not something I usually have to suffer through, as a Mac user).

Also, I’m still updating the full blogroll. Man there’s a lot of good WoW blogs out there…

Where’s… Rodjur?!

I can’t actually remember what I opened up my blogging client to post – but that’s okay, because I have a great blog link to share. :)

Where’s Rodjur? is the adventures of a very goodnatured little undead tourist, as he travels around Azeroth taking holiday snaps and trying to return his camera to its owner – one Paula Rhoid, of Gnomeregan.

I am very much looking forward to more of Rodjur’s adventures. :)

Blog Azeroth Shared Topics: #1

Explanation: over at Blog Azeroth, I suggested a semi-regular feature where one person suggests a topic and anyone who feels inspired can respond. This seemed to go down well, so I proposed the first topic, and here we are.

Q: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

For me, obviously, the class in question is paladin. I can summarise its biggest appeal in one word: survivability.

Playing a paladin has made me lazy. I think nothing of running into the middle of half a dozen mobs, slapping down a consecrate, and swinging-and-judging my way to victory. And I finish the fight on 90% health and 80% mana. In contrast, my other level 70 is a mage, and something of a glass cannon to boot. (Well, glass peashooter, really; she doesn’t have the gear to be called a cannon.) She has a lot of punch, but I have to be so careful about how and where she fights, or she just falls over like a limp noodle. And then I load the paladin back up again, and suddenly I don’t care that the mobs are trying to kick me in the face.

Admittedly, it takes me a lot longer to kill anything, but I can live with that, you know.

Now, all of that is applicable to any pally, but I’m not just a pally, I’m a healer. Truth be told, all the other healing classes have their appeal to me in TBC endgame – holy priest finally looks like fun, ditto resto shammies and druids – but I really enjoy pally healing. I like being able to pump out big heals in a really focused way – and it keeps me away from the dreaded whack-a-mole game of raid healing.

That said, I do lament the obstacles to multi-target healing on a pally – no area heals and no HoTs means that it boils down to “spam FoL on anyone in range”. But again, I’ll take the survivability of a paladin over the raid-healing ability of a priest or shammy any day; it takes a lot more to one-shot me than it does my lesser-armored brethren. (And sistren.)

Also, pallies have fantastic spell effects. I mean, those blessings are swank. It almost makes up for the armor design.


New links page

My blogroll has already started getting out of hand, and that’s without linking any of the recent discoveries I’ve made.

So, the new Links page is the place to go for a comprehensive* collection of links. The sidebar blogroll is liable to focus specifically on blogs likely to be of interest to my readers.

Which doesn’t mean that the blogs on the Links page aren’t interesting. On the contrary, I’ve found some fantastic blogs – particularly through the Blog Azeroth forums – and my feed reader is exploding with delight.

* – for varying values of ‘comprehensive’. Right now, it’s more ‘this space reserved for future content’, but the links will appear, I promise.

Recruitment! (I’m nothing if not an opportunist.)

Since the new Blog Azeroth community is likely to bring a few readers from other servers around this way: my guild is currently recruiting!

We’re an Oceanic timezone guild on a medium-to-high-population US server – Proudmoore, one of the original launch servers – and we’re currently looking for a hunter, a warlock and a feral druid tank. We raid during Australian prime time (raids start between 1:00-1:30 a.m. Pacific time) and we do have a few American nightowls amongst our raiding crew.

Applicants welcome! Hit up the link above for more information, or drop me a line if you’re interested.

Okay, shameless ad over. On with the regular content!

WoW Blogger’s Forum

I’m behind on my RSS feeds, so I espied this in Leafshine’s blog rather than the WoWInsider post everyone else seems to have stumbled across: Blog Azeroth, a forum for WoW bloggers to talk about, well, WoW and blogging. And WoW blogging.

Needless to say, WoW and blogging are two of my favourite things, so talking about WoW and blogging and WoW blogging is very appealing. I think the forums are going to turn out to be a great resource, from the looks of the discussions already happening, and I’m hoping to get to know a lot more of my fellow WoW bloggers.

I’m Shutting Up Now!

I just wanted to say two last things before I sign off for the day:

* Sorry for the spam, and I hope it hasn’t cluttered your RSS feeds too much. Those daily quest guides were a wall of information, and putting it all in one big post would have probably choked poor WordPress.

* I’d like to pimp Girls Don’t Game, a new(ish) video- and computer-gaming blog started by a friend of mine, Monique, and a friend of hers, Dana. So far, it’s shaping up to be an interesting and insightful collection of reviews and commentary, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on if you’re interested in computer gaming. And if you’re not interested in computer gaming, why are you reading this blog? :)

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Banana Shoulders, my all-new World of Warcraft blog. I intend to cover a mix of new features, in-depth analyses, a bit of theorycrafting, general tips and advice, and links to useful resources. I’ve played a paladin for coming up on three years now, but I also have a high-level priest and mage, and I try not to restrict myself to focusing on any one class. :)

I’ve been contemplating a World of Warcraft blog for a while, and have dithered on the issue for oh, months now. (Every time I listen to a WoW podcast I keep thinking “man, I could do this better”, but I know I don’t have the time for that!)

Why “Banana Shoulders”, though?

It’s something of a paladin in-joke, really. Those of you who were raiding Alliance-side in pre-Burning Crusade days may remember the delightful graphics of the Paladin Tier 1 set, aka “Lawbringer”. The helm looked a bit ridiculous, but you could hide that. You couldn’t hide your Lawbringer Spaulders, though, much as one wanted to.

See? Banana Shoulders. (You can kind of see why paladins were itching to upgrade to their Tier 2 Judgement Spaulders, right? ;-))