Blog Redesign

Excuse the chaos around the place, I’m just implementing a new blog template; hope you like it. I’m told the menu misbehaves in IE7; I apologise to anyone benighted with it, and I’ll fix it as soon as I get a chance to test it in IE7 (not something I usually have to suffer through, as a Mac user).

Also, I’m still updating the full blogroll. Man there’s a lot of good WoW blogs out there…

8 thoughts on “Blog Redesign”

  1. Yeah, that’s the one. Phae mentioned in chat that it was “totally borked” in IE7, but I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. (It’s meant to be a horizontal grey line that aligns with the right edge of the white content area, above the sidebars.

  2. Blogroll looks kinda odd for me in Firefox, I realize you’re working on it though *nods* But I figured I’d let you know, just in case!

  3. Blogroll is all rather dark for me at the moment (the one on the seperate page, that is) but the banner / layout is looking brilliant! Purple ftw. Is that part of Zul’aman in the background?

  4. @ Siha – The full blogroll on its serparate page, it’s all dark lettering on a purple background.

    Howerver, I agree with Aurik, I do love the color scheme!

  5. For anyone tracking this thread: the pages issue is fixeded, and should now look fine in Firefox again. The menu of pages is still borked in IE 7, I think, but one thing at a time… :)

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