6 thoughts on “Another Letter To Coren”

  1. Grats! It took me up until yesterday to get mine, after running it every day. The thing that was most frustrating was the moment I used a different character to help summon, mounts would drop left and right! :P

  2. Grats!

    I got my ram last year thankfully – didnt get lucky with the kodo this year however – so i consoled myself and bought the level 40 brewfest mount from the vendor instead!

    Thanks for the comment btw – and I listened to your interview on twistednether this week! Brilliant!!

  3. I dunno if I mentioned this already but on one run, we all decided to roll Need right away (as you would expect) if the mount dropped. Me and another both rolled 89, the highest. Now if we all passed first instead, we could both have rerolled. Unfortunately, I was on the losing side of the stick. Maybe the game secretly rerolled for us both and I lost the ‘second roll’ :(

    Oh well, I’m expecting my Zhevra mount soon as part of my RAF scheme :)

  4. Grats! I managed to get everytrinket off of Direbrew, fought him a total of 25 times. And yet I never got a chance to even roll on a mount because he never dropped one. Sad sad. :( Lets hope that Helm drops off of the Headless Horseman for me… that would make up for the mount :P Grats again!

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