Infusion of Light Not Finished Either

Ghostcrawler just posted on the Paladin forums, confirming that Infusion of Light was nerfed for arena balance (which, let’s face it, we all knew anyway). She followed up with “I know it can be frustrating when a PvP concern ends up making a talent less useful for PvE. We have some ideas of what we’d like to do with it though.”

This is heartening; I just hope that however they change IoL – or the Holy Tree in general – ends up giving us some mobility back. My favourite suggestion so far is to have IoL proc an instant Flash of Light instead, or for it to reset the cooldown on Holy Shock. Either would be fine; it’s the division between “instant” and “1 second cast time” that’s the important one, not the division between “1 second cast time” and “2 second cast time”.

(Tangentially, I’d happily give away all PvP content in WoW to stop PvE stuff getting balanced around it.)

9 thoughts on “Infusion of Light Not Finished Either”

  1. I’d love to see them just say “We’re giving PvP a totally different set of spell and ability mechanics than PvE”. As it is right now, stuff like this happens, and I hate PvP even more.

  2. “(Tangentially, I’d happily give away all PvP content in WoW to stop PvE stuff getting balanced around it.)”

    My name is Honorshammer, and I approve this message.

  3. I am fully with you on the PvPcrap.
    Hunters got nerfed out of their prime misdirect (Aimed Shot).

    Misdirect is now just a regular three hits of threat for the tank, instead of 5 or 6 (depending on crits)

  4. I remember watching an Athene video once where his planned WotLK spec was very much based around high Spell Crit for Holy Shock-induced instabt cast Holy Lights. Now I’m curious as to what he thinks about that :)

    As you said, we all knew it was a bit OP for PvP, especially that Holy Shock is now on a 6 sec CD. Imo, we should give Blizzard more time to balance it out because we really do have problems with mobility, but then again the Paladin class is never a HoT-type class anyways! Seems like you can’t escape the fact that in order to fare well in PvP, you need real instant cast spells, and Holy Shock just doesn’t cut it at times.

  5. Btw, how do you get those images of your Paladin so well done? Do you use some WoW model application or you manually cut them out of screenshots? See my current banner for some real bad model cutting, lol.

  6. “(Tangentially, I’d happily give away all PvP content in WoW to stop PvE stuff getting balanced around it.)”
    Yes! A thousand times yes!

  7. @Gnomerie – I use the WoW model viewer. The Mac version is terrible, and extremely crash-prone, but it’s better than nothing.

  8. NO GIVING UP PVP!!!! :P
    Raiding tends to be a snoozefest… it’s like a team sport more than individual skill.
    Arena and world PvP is a lot more exciting for me, because you don’t know what’s coming :D

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