Post Your Bank!

A week or so ago, Pike challenged us to post our banks, revelling in the messiness that is one’s bank.

Sailan's Bank

Click to see a larger image.

You can see why I’m looking forward to Patch 3.0.2 so much!

  • 12 soulbound non-combat pets (plus one in my inventory) will disappear into my Companions panel
  • 3 mounts (plus two in my inventory) will disappear into my Mounts panel
  • 5 stacks of tokens (Badges of Justice, and 4 types of BG Marks) will disappear into my Currency tab

Now, if only they had a tabard-storage panel…

8 thoughts on “Post Your Bank!”

  1. For my bank:
    2 bags of “dress-up” or flavour gear (eg. Rhok, cool looking weapons, festival clothing)
    1 herb bag
    1 mini-pet bag
    1 trinket bag (plus at least 10 more in my normal bags)
    1 bag of “key” type items (eg. UBRS key, Ony key, Mara staff)
    1 bag of resist gear (Fire and Shadow, mainly)
    Main bank – PvP tokens, PvP gear, spare weapons/armour, badges etc.

  2. Actually you can stor eyour gems in a gem bag which will free up your space and an enchanting bag for your shards and dusts. But I do envy you mooncloth bag…sigh…extra slots

  3. I use the engbags addon, so while my bags appear neater, they’re just oraganized clutter. 12 tabards, 13 non combat pets, 5 mounts, every piece of armor I’ve replaced since entering Karazhan, tokens… I send anything not nailed to my character to my bank alt and let him hold onto it.

  4. @Mebius – yes, I have plenty of specialty storage bags on my bank alts. However, none of them are worth it for my main, as I don’t store any of that kind of stuff on her. (Those gems are BoP gems from heroics; all my raw gems and JC supplies are stored on an alt.)
    @Baloril – yeah, but it kind of defeats the point of a tabard _collection_ if I sell ’em all off. :)

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