Things That Make You Go Hmm…

Occasionally, people will do and say the darndest things. Things, in fact, that make you go “Hmmm” – or, more likely, things that make you go “WTF were they thinking?!” Here’s one I remember.

The background: pre-TBC, we used a DKP system for raiding, and we introduced a proviso that if you disappeared your DKP pool was ‘suppressed’ and unavailable for purchases until you’d been back for a few weeks (although you still earnt DKP for attendance in the meantime). When we introduced this post, we said upfront ‘if this rule has been applied to you and you don’t think it should have been, please talk with an officer to straighten it out’.

This, however, wasn’t good enough for one of our warlocks – who had disappeared for about two months, saying he wasn’t going to raid until The Burning Crusade came out. When we introduced this rule, his response was…

…no, wait for it, this is brilliant…

…to DE all his epics, and delete his character in a fit of pique.

Boy, that sure showed us! We really learnt our lesson! It’s not like it cost him far more than it cost us, not at all.

No, we’ve never been able to work out what he thought this would achieve, either. It induces hilarity to this day, though.

(Note that this was before paid name changes or server transfers. His character was, indeed, gone.)

6 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmm…”

  1. We warlocks reserve the right to be excentric :P

    But he was probably looking for a reason to leave anyway… so the real question isn’t so much why did he leave in a big poof of drama but why did he DEd all his crap before he deleted his character. Seems like a bit of effort to go and DE everything and then pressing the delete button.

    Who got wealthier in that one I wonder.

  2. I admit there have been a couple of situations that have made me want to do that… normally people oriented situations…

    But then common sense steps in…. COMMON SENSE that is…

  3. If it’s the guy I ‘think’ you’re talking about… he actually managed to get his toon back, with epics after a cry to a GM or some such nonsense… I PvP’d and saw him in there ‘was a level 70 lock with epics’ and asked him a few questions with the necessary derision. :) He threatened to report me. I threatened to delete all my epics and then my character. Then laughed at him and rode off.

    Good times.

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