Banana Shoulders Tours: Menethil Harbour to Northrend

Note: This post contains spoilers for Wrath of the Lich King.

A companion to yesterday’s video tour of Stormwind Harbour and the boat ride to Borean Tundra, today we show you the boat ride from Menethil to Valgarde, the Alliance settlement in the other Northrend starting zone of Howling Fjord.

Menethil to Northrend – Siha of Proudmoore

Edit: Sorry about the poorer-quality video; Vimeo no longer allows video game uploads, so I’m trying to find a new host.

5 thoughts on “Banana Shoulders Tours: Menethil Harbour to Northrend”

  1. Thanks for the videos and keep them coming! Even though it’s Alliance’s side, I enjoy them.

    And your choice in music is great! :D

  2. Loved both vids… music not to my taste, but more than acceptable considering the real meat was in the video.

    Thanks heaps for sharing, and screw anyone telling you how to host or give out your content. It worked perfectly. :)

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