Banana Shoulders Tours: Stormwind Harbour to Northrend

Note: This post contains spoilers for Wrath of the Lich King.

Take a look around two new areas of the game with this video! We show you a tour of the new Stormwind Harbor, and the boat ride to Valiance Keep, the Alliance stronghold in the Northrend starting zone of Borean Tundra.

Stormwind to Northrend – Siha of Proudmoore

Edit: Sorry about the poorer-quality video; Vimeo no longer allows video game uploads, so I’m trying to find a new host.

6 thoughts on “Banana Shoulders Tours: Stormwind Harbour to Northrend”

  1. That ship is Enormous i can see it being the source of alot of fun on pvp servers and this will make getting to Newman’s landing so much easier unless it is instanced?

  2. God, your new video host is a load of bullcrap – even with the audio muted, it still plays loud-ass adverts at full volume. Just use damned youtube until your video host of choice can find some decency and/or class. Amateur.

  3. Ojiisan – constructive feedback is welcome, but please keep the hostility to yourself, thanks.

    As for the meat of your issue, can you be more specific? I’ve never had imeem (the host) play an ad at me, whether I’m logged in or not (and I just rewatched the video to check).

    And as for Youtube, no, I will not use it. The quality is abominable. It’s fine for TV-resolution stuff, but for computer gaming clips it’s so bad it’s not worth the effort of making the vid in the first place.

  4. Do you need Wrath of the Lich King to ride the boat? Everytime I get on it starts out but then I reappear on the dock. Frustrating. The video you made is fantastic!

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