Isle of Quel’Danas Progression

By now, all servers should be well into the world event to unlock the village on the Isle of Quel’Danas. If you’re interested in your server’s progression compared with the rest of the world – or you want to check on your server’s progress without logging into the game – there’s a handy website collating all the data.

Check out the leaderboards for US realms and EU realms at Gorgonnash.

(I’m particularly proud as my server, US-Proudmoore, as we’re top of the US charts. As I write, we’re currently at 35% of the way through Phase 2 and 60% of the way through the Portal; the nearest competitor is US-Medivh on 32% and 55% respectively. Pwnmoore, excelling at PvE grindfests since 2004!)

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