Meme: Sixth of the Sixth

I was tagged by Bellwether and Spicytuna for this – help, peer pressure! The challenge was originally issued by Maiara of Voodoo Ventures: open up your screenshots folder and post the sixth screenshot in the sixth folder.

So, here it is! Click to see a bigger image.

Preparing for a raid in SWG...

OH WAIT. Did I forget to mention that my MMO Screenshots folder is a higgledy-piggledy jungle of shots from Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest II, Lord of the Rings Online and four years of WoW? …Yeah.

So, this is from July 2004. It’s my guild in its earliest iteration, preparing for a raid in Star Wars Galaxies – I’m the one in white armor on the right, as you can tell from the nametags if you squint. There are people in that raid I still raid with today, many games later. Long live the Wardens.

(And man, it may have been flawed and buggy, but I still miss SWG like you wouldn’t believe.)

But! Blast from the past aside, I tried to filter out all the non-WoW stuff, and I came up with this:

The sixth shot...

This is from the camera flyby in the Blood Elf racial intro. When The Burning Crusade launched, I found the Blood Elf starting zone so gorgeous that I rolled blood elf after blood elf, just to watch the character introduction. I’ve played my way through that starter zone five times now. (And I’ve still never managed to get a Horde character to level 30. If the rest of the Horde world looked that good, I might.)

I tag… Josh of Eye For An Eye, Elleiras of Fel Fire (let’s hope she reads this!), Seri and Jov of World of Snarkcraft, Phyllixia of Hunters Rhok, and Gryphonheart of The Lion Guard. Oh, and Queklain aka Mr. Stoppable Force. Let’s see what you all have lurking in your screenshot folders!

And, since I was poking around in my screenshots folder anyway, have a bonus wallpaper!

Sunstrider Isle

Click to view the large version, right-click to download the linked file. It’s a 1680×1050 widescreen jpeg, 560 KB.

This is my single favourite screenshot and view of my entire WoW history. It’s just glorious.

5 thoughts on “Meme: Sixth of the Sixth”

  1. What server did you all play on, in SWG? I was on Chilly. Loved the idea of the game, but it just finally kinda played itself out, especially when WoW came out. I do miss it though, especially the Jump to Lightspeed. Space fighting worked in that game better than I ever imagined it could.

  2. I miss SWG too! The darn NGE and Combat Upgrade ruined everything. I played on the Sunrunner server. Our guild F.E.A.R. lived on the desolate planet of Lok.

  3. This made me want to search my old drives for screen shots of ultima online, and anarchy online. I still think AO as flayed as it was had some of the most beautiful scenery.

    Drale, Carine server

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