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Feb 11

Some information has started to trickle out from Blizzard about the way loot will work in the next tier of raid content. Some of it’s what I expected, some of it surprises me.

Here’s some of what we know, now.

  • There will be a new Emblem type: the Emblem of Conquest.
  • You will be able to spend Emblems of Conquest on Deadly Gladiator gear in the same way you can spend Emblems of Valor on Hateful Gladiator Gear right now.
  • There will be a new boss in a new wing of the Vault of Archavon, who will be able to drop some, but not all, of the new top-tier PvP items (Furious Gladiator gear), random Honor items, and any of the T8 PvE set items.

(Source: this post by Kalgan.)

  • PvE gear progression is basically this: Naxx 10 < Naxx 25 = Ulduar 10 <Ulduar 25.
  • Ulduar-10 will have gear roughly equivalent to Naxx 25 in quality; you gear up for Ulduar-10 in Naxx-10.
  • (That said, Ulduar-10 will have 10-man T8, not recycled 25-man T7.)
  • Ulduar-25 will have gear that’s a step up from the iLvl 213 stuff from Naxx 25; you gear up for Ulduar-25 either in Naxx-25 or Ulduar-10.
  • There’s no mention of a new 10-man Emblem type.
  • The logical conclusion: Emblems of Heroism will continue to buy iLvl 200 stuff (equivalent to Heroic epics and T7.10), but there are no plans for new items at this level. Emblems of Valor will buy iLvl 213 stuff (T7.25 and T8.10). Emblems of Conquest will buy iLvl 226 stuff (T8.25).

(Sources: these posts from Bornakk: 1, 2, 3, 4)

In other words: there’s no benefit to hoarding your Emblems of Heroism, because you won’t be able to buy any new items with them. (I’m spending them on Ret gear.) Emblems of Valor, however, are worth saving for the T8 10-man gear, in case there are some decent sidegrades there.

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Comment by Fuzzy Porcupine Paws

Made Wednesday, 11 of February , 2009 at 2:09 pm

Honestly I think this a better system for progression. It allows players to see the content without the reliance on badge farming runs ala Karazhan. Mind you I made full use of that system back in the day, but for the moment people shouldn’t be able to skip naxx altogether and go straight to uldar.

Comment by Firelight

Made Wednesday, 11 of February , 2009 at 5:16 pm

I can think of 2 things to farm Emblams of Heroism for;

1 – Heirloom items for alts!

2 – Gems! The Jewel Crafting Trainer place in Dalaran has a vendor that sells all the blue quality gems for 10 emblams a piece! Saved me a fortune gem’ing up my gear since that went live!

Comment by Pike

Made Thursday, 12 of February , 2009 at 4:36 am

Hehe, I’m with Firelight. Heirloom items all the way!

Comment by Rocklaw

Made Thursday, 12 of February , 2009 at 5:01 am

Done for the most part with 10-man loot, so looking forward to hitting up Ulduar :) And that’s a good tip on emblem use – gems!

Comment by The Godmother

Made Thursday, 12 of February , 2009 at 5:08 am

Thanks for alerting me to this, I think I will be looking at PvP gears in the not too distant future

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