Siha Has Lots And Lots Of Class

Pike recently tried to convince us that she has no class, which is a patently false idea.

I, however, can proudly assert that I have lots and lots of class. Observe:

Siha bought WoW, installed it, and rolled a paladin. To this day she can’t remember why, except that she’s always loved playing healers, and a melee healer sounded like fun. She tried levelling as holy, which was fine until things got very slow and tiresome in the mid-30s, and a guildmate convinced her to swap to Retribution. Whee! Siha duoed her way to 60 with her best friend, who played a hunter. Good times. A couple of months after saying the fateful words “Oh, I don’t think raiding’s really something I am interested in”, Siha was spotted in MC, up to her elbows in fire elementals and healing like crazy.

Somewhere along the way, Siha decided she had some free time (hah) and rolled a druid. It was slow, and horrible, and got shelved around level 9. Months later she dusted off the druid, got to level 10, and bearformed her way through Ashenvale. Cat made things go faster, but Siha has decided she fundamentally hates feral. Druid is currently stalled at level 40; every few months Siha logs her on, runs in circles for 10 minutes, giggles at the moonkin /dance, and logs off again in boredom. In principle, Siha loves druids; in practice, the druid is shelved.

Siha rolled a hunter. She got it to level 17, got bored, and lost interest. The hunter is now her herb banker.

Siha rolled a priest. She got it to level 12, and shelved it. She later realised she’d lost interest because she didn’t like the way the priest looked. The priest is now her food banker.

Siha rolled two rogues, a warrior, and a warlock. None of them made it into double figures before getting deleted.

Siha rolled another priest (who was actually named Siha), and stuck with it. Levelling was slow going until she got shadow form, and then she fairly zoomed along. The priest hit 60, and Siha raided on her a bit, but she always felt a bit pointless because the paladin was so much better-geared and could do the job so much better. Siha later levelled her to 70 and raided in TBC with her as a disc/holy DPS/heal hybrid and really enjoyed it.

Siha rolled – look, let’s be honest, and say Siha rolled another banker. This one was warrior-flavoured.

Siha bought another account to make room for all her bankers. On the new account she rolled a mage, and loved it. Stuff died fast, and things went boom, and Siha cackled madly all the way to 60. The last few levels were a crazy slog; the mage hit 60 in a Strat Dead pug literally 8 hours before TBC’s midnight launch. This was to allow her to dual-box the paladin and mage through outland, since the paladin was an alchemist/jewelcrafter and the mage was a herbalist/miner.

Siha discovered she hates dual-boxing.

Siha rolled a draenei shaman, like every other alliance player. Siha actually really liked it, although she made life harder for herself by levelling as elemental despite a complete lack of spellpower mail. Shaman currently on hiatus at level 60.

Siha rolled another hunter, and enjoyed it, right up til level 10. Then, inexplicably, got bored and eventually deleted it.

Siha rolled a warrior on another server to play with a friend, and hated it. Shelved at 17, and not entirely sure which server she’s languishing on, either.

Siha rolled a Horde hunter. Shelved at level 26.

Siha rolled a Horde warlock, and quite enjoyed it, but missed her guild and her vast stash of tradeskill mats. Shelved at level 27ish.

Siha rolled a dwarf rogue and loved it, and stabbed face along with a group of friends levelling together, all the way up til about level 68. Then Siha discovered what she loved about rogue was the way they play in world PvE, and that she doesn’t actually enjoy single-minded melee DPS in instances. The rogue is currently shelved at 69, parked in Dalaran to make potions and engineering thingies, although she’ll probably get levelled as a solo character in six months or so.

Siha rolled an Alliance warlock and enjoyed it, but is unmotivated to play it more. It’s okay, she supposes, but feels a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing. She wonders if she might enjoy it more when soloing, where the versatility of the warlock will be more useful. Shelved at 64ish.

Siha rolled hunter #4 and is really enjoying it. She is surprised by this. Levelling interrupted by the arrival of WotLK, currently sitting in the teens.

Siha rolled a death knight, and looks forward to playing it, but can’t get motivated to actually finish the starting area quests after playing through them too many times in the beta test.

Siha admits that she might perhaps have a teeny weeny addiction to alts.

I’m off for some New Year’s celebrations, so I’ll see you all in 2009. Which means I’d better hurry up, as that’s only an hour and a half away. Happy New Year, all!

6 thoughts on “Siha Has Lots And Lots Of Class”

  1. Ah, alt addiction. I know you well.

    I too started with a paladin (HAI FREE HORSE). Then came a nelf druid. Got deleted at 8 and rerolled as a nelf priest. Deleted at 16. Rerolled as a druid AGAIN, now sitting at 48. Holy shit do I hate soloing druids.

    Then there was the hunter. She got to 70. I love the hunter. Everyone else does not love the hunter. :(
    Then there was the other hunter (26) and the OTHER hunter (41) and the RP hunter alt (10).

    And of course there’s the other priests…the one at 29, the OTHER one I deleted at 16, the one I’m in love with at 63…

    The rogue at 26 (note: I hate soloing rogues). The mage at 55. The warlocks at 16, and 28, and uh…1 (whoever said they played kind of like hunters lied).

    The various lowbie shamans I’ve deleted (12 and 16) and the moocow shammy I’m leveling with my sister (11).

    The OTHER paladin (6) from when I forgot that I don’t want to level another paladin ever (I leveled holy can you tell?).

    There’s the warrior, who I managed to get to 73 but is a total love/hate relationship. I hate tanking. I hate other people tanking badly more.

    Aaaaand the three DKs. >.>


  2. Phyllixia came *this* close to being an Undead mage or NE druid. It came down to: my friend refused to roll PvP server, and was Alliance…. and Sylvanas Windrunner was an Archer, not a shapeshifter ;) I’m a hunter for life now, but mainly because I don’t have time to invest in alts – I’d love to have a high-level of each class (although I probably wouldn’t play the melee classes much!).

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