Inscription: Levelling Guide v. 1.2

Finally, it’s all done!

Inscription Guide v1.2
Last Update: 10 October; PTR build 9056.

If you want to see the levelling guide here on the blog, I’ve updated the Inscription Levelling Guide post.

Alternatively, for the full list of Inscription recipes and the complete Inscription Guide, download the guide as a PDF file here: inscription12.pdf. (The full guide is in PDF form because frankly, it’s almost impossible to format all those tables as a blog post.)

Shopping List

The bottom line: based on all of the above, here’s what you’ll need to level Inscription as high as possible when 3.0.2 goes live.

  • 150x Earthroot, Peacebloom, or Silverleaf
  • 100x Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Mageroyal, Stranglekelp, or Swiftthistle
  • 285x Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot, or Wild Steelbloom
  • 270x Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whisker, or Wintersbite
  • 270x Arthas’ Tears, Blindweed, Firebloom, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood, Purple Lotus, or Sungrass
  • 235x Dreamfoil, Golden Sansam, Icecap, Mountain Silversage, Plaguebloom
  • 490x Any Outland herbs

Remember, the numbers required can be made up of any of those herbs, in multiples of 5.

Note that this is a cost increase for every tier of herbs except the Earthroot tier (which remained the same) and the Dreamfoil tier (which now requires less herbs).

If you’re only going to 350 to get all the recipes, not maxing out your skill level, you can halve the number of Outland herbs you need.

12 thoughts on “Inscription: Levelling Guide v. 1.2”


    Thanks for all the work you put into this! I’m still surprised anyone would go through all the trouble. Silly Paladins and their righteousness. <3

    Now if you’ll excuse me… I have (many) herbs to gather.

  2. Thanks for the great work.
    Tunred out I was missing a few stacks in the emerald and violet varieties. Fixed that up pronto this morning and have leftovers for selling off.


  3. Thank you for this guide. My banktoon (lvl55 ^^), who is a 375 alch (who learned flask of relentless assault just yesterday :D) will learn inscription as well – Im sitting on roughly 300 stacks of herbs … I believe the patch will come next week, I will be a 350 scribe 2 hours later ^^

  4. If you stop leveling at 355, don’t worry. I checked the Borean Tundra Inscription Trainer last night, and there are recipes using Ink of the Sky for up to 375, so you’ll be able to level from 355 to 375 using significantly less Outland herbs when the expansion launches.

    Loving the 1.2 version of the guide. It’s a fabulous refrence. :)

  5. DOH! I had just finished collecting the required ammount of herbs from the last guide…now I’m about 200 short again! Thanks for the update.

  6. Thanks for the updated guide.
    Just a quick question, in your opinion where is the best place to power-level Inscription based on distance to bank/guild bank ,mailbox, reagent vendor & trainer – for alliance and horde?
    I’m lazy and don’t like to walk far to much :p

  7. Thanks for all the work on the Inscription guide, Siha. I managed to get everything on your list last night, so now it’s just a matter of pulling myself away from playing with the new Prot warrior toys long enough to level it. Shame that some of the really shiny glyphs don’t come until the expansion, but I suppose there needs to be something to look forward to.

  8. I want to thank you so very much for your guide. I was totally prepared when 3.0.2 went live last night and two and a half hours later I was 350 in Inscription, the guild vault was full of my creations, and my guildies all loved me!

    For Alliance players looking to level without going nuts, I suggest Exodar. There were only 2 other people there last night and it’s not in a small shop (ala Stormwind). It is also just around the corner from the bank and mailbox.

    Thanks again! You rock :)

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