Inscription Guide Revision Coming Soon

Just FYI: the test realms are about to go down to update with a new patch. I’ll be issuing a revision of the Inscription guide a few hours after they’re back up; I don’t want to revise it now, only to find that I have to do it all again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Inscription Guide Revision Coming Soon”

  1. Can’t wait to see the update to the guide. I’ve saved up about 6400 herbs so far, and I want to see where I’m at.

  2. I leveled inscription on the beta today, and wrote up a small guide myself. It’s not as polished as yours, nor does it contain as much information, but it was fun to write, and I feel ready to be an inscriber when 3.0.2 hits the live servers on Tuesday.

    I enjoyed the first version of your guide, and I can’t wait to see the revision. Love the blog; keep up the good work.

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