What Didn’t I Know?

Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn posted some entertaining stories today, recounting times when she found out she “had it all wrong”.

I never committed any of the (very entertaining!) faux pas on Larisa’s list, but I made plenty of my own – and I wasn’t even new to MMOs!

For instance, a friend who shall remain nameless (I’m looking at you, Ror!) told me that killing critters decreased your reputation with your home city and guards would attack you if you did it near them. I believed that one for about forty levels!

Or how about the fact that I was levelling leatherworking and skinning on my paladin, because I thought leatherworking sounded like fun?

Or the fact that I bought the whole Imperial Plate set for my paladin, and wore it as my main armor, despite the fact that I considered myself a healer? (Let’s not even talk about the fact that I started off healing Molten Core with a Retribution spec, and thought having a high mana pool was more important than that silly low “mana per 5 seconds” thing.)

I’m not alone, of course – we’ve all made mistakes like that. I canvassed the BlogAzeroth Chat people for some of theirs.

Saresa of Destructive Reach told us:

i think the dumbest thing that I ever did (that I haven’t posted about) was to insist on walking or riding EVERYWHERE up to level 45 or so… I was stingy and thought that if I flew everywhere it would send me broke.

Sar may feel better to know that I used to refuse to send mail because I worried about the 30 copper cost.

Euripedes of Critical QQ related:

A while back, I believe I was in my mid 40’s, I found a bunch of Furblogs in Azshara. Just standing around… so I killed one. “Reputation with Timbermaw decreased by…” What the hell is a Timbermaw?

So I grinded these furblogs for about 5 hours. They had excellent cloth drops.

So then, a few levels later, attempted to get to Winterspring… and there was this stupid tunnel full of these damn furblogs! So I ran through, in ammy my fiery prowess, burning them all down until I emerged from the other side bloody, beaten, and damn well hated by furblogs everywhere.

To this day, my reputation with them is at Unfriendly. It took me a long, long time to grind that reputation back up to Unfriendly.

(I’m kinda glad I never hit Azshara until I was 60, else I might well have done the same thing.)

So the next time you nub it up, remember: You are not alone!

6 thoughts on “What Didn’t I Know?”

  1. I think I went one worse… I knew it was bad to kill the furbolgs,,, well at least occasionally I did.. I would just forget… and I wouldn’t look at my chat to see I was loosing rep… after a while I would wonder why they weren’t just attacking me…

    Cursing to myself I would go and grind some more feathers….

    I must admit that Org was always a mystery to me… I never went down into the “caster” valley at all… it was just… well not a part of my world.

  2. “So I ran through, in ammy my fiery prowess”

    What the hell was I trying to say there?

    Army… uhh.

    In.. any, ample… arrrr JARARARARARAR.

    I give up. I don’t understand me.

  3. I came to WoW from EQ. In EQ there was nothing you could do with soulbound items, apart from destroy them. You certainly couldn’t vendor them. So I spent at least the first 20 levels in WoW destroying all the quest rewards that I couldn’t use, because I didn’t realise I could sell them to the vendors!

  4. WoW beta: Taming, pet training, stables, feeding – got the hang of immediately. One day a friend asked me why I didn’t send my pet in before I started shooting – I hadn’t realized I could use the pet bar to control my pet! Default was defensive, so I had been shooting mobs until they hit me, and letting my pet respond automatically :P

  5. Whenever I want to eat humble pie, I log onto my German account and select my first ever character. A nightelf hunter, no less. I gave her up at level 30. She’s armed with a fearsome blue dagger with intellect and a chance on hit for shadow damage, and is wearing some pieces of white gear I bought at an NPC vendor.

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