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Aug 26

I notice I’ve had a lot of hits today from Google searches for Inscription guides – presumably fuelled by today’s announcement that Inscription will be available pre-Wrath Day.

This is just a headsup for you visitors: I’m still planning to write a guide to levelling Inscription once all the information is available. Currently, Inscription still isn’t implemented in the Wrath beta, beyond some basic lowbie abilities (no Glyphs, just stat scrolls).

So, you’ll all be the first to know once I’ve got data to work with, but until then, no-one can give you a meaningful Inscription guide because the information is just not available yet. Watch this space!

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Comment by Gnomerie

Made Wednesday, 27 of August , 2008 at 2:49 am

I look forward to it! I won’t be levelling Inscription right away in the pre-Watch patch as I will be saving that for my Death Knight.

But it might be time to finally grind some gold and herbs :(

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