Holy Paladin Raiding Consumables

Update: This post has been revised and updated here.

This one’s going around the blogosphere lately, so here’s my quick guide to raiding consumables for holy paladins. (Bellwether covered the same issue for resto druids, and Big Bear Butt for feral tanks; I’m sure there will be more coming soon.)

Two things to note:

  1. I’m recommending consumables that give you a good balance of stats, where feasible. If you’re very well-geared in one area and need to boost a specific stat, you can make your own choices.
  2. My recommendations are specific for holy paladins. If you’re a priest, all those +Spirit consumables I wrote off are great for you. If you’re a protection paladin trying to heal, anything with spell crit is relatively useless and you’re looking for all the mp5 you can get. Et cetera.

Elixirs: Battle Elixirs

Adept’s Elixir – the increase to spelldamage is irrelevant, but this elixir gives a boost to both throughput and mana restoration. For holy paladins, this one’s a show-stopper.

Elixir of Healing Power – this one’s a good alternative for situations where you just need healing oomph, and nuts to the regen. In other situations, it’s inferior to Adept’s Elixir, but better than nothing.

Elixirs: Guardian Elixirs

Elixir of Major Mageblood – the standout choice for paladins, who tend to suffer over passive in-combat regen.

Mageblood Potion – it may be a pre-TBC recipe using Azerothian mats, but this is surprisingly effective as an emergency replacement for Elixirs of Major Mageblood.

Elixir of Draenic Wisdom – inferior to Mageblood elixirs, as paladins derive no benefit from Spirit, but 30 Int is still nothing to sneer at.


Flask of Mighty Restoration – again, the standout choice for paladins. Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration is a good alternative if you have the relevant rep to buy it (Exalted with Cenarion Expedition, Sha’tar, and Scryer/Aldor) and you’re raiding the appropriate zones.

Flask of Distilled Wisdom – again, inferior to the regen-boosting Restoration flask, but an acceptable alternative for the all-around boost to healing, mana pool and spell crit.

Unstable Flask of the Elder for Gruul’s Lair raids; this is superior for paladins to the Unstable Flask of the Physician, although that’s certainly better than nothing.

Weapon Oils

Brilliant Mana Oil – arguably the best choice, with a balance of mp5 and +heal. Unfortunately it’s an old-world recipe (requiring Zandalar faction).

Superior Mana Oil – inferior to the Brilliant Mana Oil, but much more readily available. Superior Wizard Oil is also a good option; although the tooltip says “spell damage”, it does apply to healing as well.


Blackened Sporefish – for mana regen and survivability. The mp5 boost is small enough, though, that this is on-par with:

Golden Fishsticks – which has a really good healing buff. The Spirit is useless for paladins, but 44 +Heal alone is nothing to sneeze at.

Any stamina food, such as Feltail Delight (which is the one I use most often). The spirit does little for a paladin, but an extra 300 health is always welcome, and 20 Stamina foods are common enough that you should keep this up pretty much all the time unless you need one of the better food buffs for a boss fight.


I won’t list them all, as one of my earliest blog posts was a guide to mana and healing potion types; however, these are the ones I specifically recommend:

Super Mana Potion, or the stacks-to-20 version, the Mana Potion Injector. Your basic mana potion; you will, at times, drink these like water. You can replace these with any of the alternatives I list in the linked post, of course.

Super Healing Potion and the Healing Potion Injector. You don’t need to take nearly as many of these to a raid, but you should always have at least some on you.

What about Super Rejuvenation Potions, or the Alchemist-only equivalent Mad Alchemist’s Potions? Carry 1 stack, but don’t use them unless you gotta. Remember that healing received will top up your mana via spiritual attunement, so if you’re healing yourself with a pot, that’s a lost opportunity for mana regen.

Obviously, don’t stint yourself on healing (self-heals, pots and healthstones) at the expense of other healers’ mana pools, but if there’s ambient healing available (Leader of the Pack, Vampiric Embrace, etc) and you’re not likely to take a big spike of damage you’re better off taking advantage of those to restore your health, and taking an ordinary mana potion instead.


These aren’t essential, as they don’t stack with player buffs, but they are handy for situations where rebuffing is unlikely (for instance, after receiving a battle-rez) or where you’re missing a particular buffing class from a raid (not uncommon in 10-mans). You can safely ignore Strength and Spirit scrolls, but scrolls of Intellect are always good for a boost to your mana pool. Scrolls of Stamina, Protection, and Agility can also be useful if you’re expecting to get hit.

Other Items
Note that these all share a cooldown.

Demonic Rune – it’s only a small amount of mana restoration, but it’s enough for 5-8 Flash Heals (and causes you damage, thereby giving you the opportunity to regain mana via Spiritual Attunement).

Charged Crystal Focus – available from the AH in their uncharged state, or farmed from mobs around the Ogri’la daily quest hub. Excellent for when you don’t have a healthstone handy.

There are some profession-specific extras, as well: Fel Blossoms are good for herbalists, as a damage shield isn’t affected by healing reductions (from mortal-strike-y effects); Dense Stone Statues for Jewelcrafters heal you for 1250 healing across 25 ticks, but it counts as healing rather than ‘health restore’, so it does give you a small amount of mana back as well.

I carry: 20 Healing Potion Injectors, 20 Mana Potion Injectors, 10 Mad Alchemist’s Potions, 1 stack of each type of elixir, 1 stack of Mighty Restoration flasks, 10 charges of Brilliant Mana Oil, 1 stack of Blackened Sporefish and 1 stack of Stamina food, 2 stacks of Dense Stone Statues and 1 stack of Charged Crystal Foci. Oh, and a stack of Intellect V scrolls.

Edited to add in Superior Wizard Oil; thanks Valyre for the reminder!

10 thoughts on “Holy Paladin Raiding Consumables”

  1. I think consumables will change based on what content and assignment you’re doing. For example, if we’re doing old farm content for the millionth time, I’m going to flask up. Why? Because I get the Shatt ones for free via my guild.

    From an assignment standpoint, Brutallus is a good example of how things can change. If I’m on tank healing, my job is to spam Flash. This means there’s no chance of me going OOM and it’s better for the team if I go with pure +healing consumables. But if I’m on burns, mana is a serious concern, even with a SP, so I’ll go with as much mp5 as I can get my hands on.

    Which brings me to the Adept’s Elixir. I use them pretty much as a last resort, like if I run out of Healing Power. It is probably my history as a holy priest talking, but I just can’t rely on crits to heal my target or give me back mana. I gear for crit and certainly take all the appropriate talents, but at the end of the day I need to rely on a set amount of healing per cast. If I get more, great, but I’m not making my spell selection based on the crit value.

    Also, you forgot the Superior Wizard’s Oil. The tooltip doesn’t tell the entire story. It applies just as much healing as spell damage. They are good stuff.

  2. Its a great rundown, and i agree with almost all of it. However, because of our crit bonus to mana regen, mageblood potions are kind of a waste compared to draenic wisdom. Wisdom potions giving the int boost are better for the extra crit/mana pool, also, they stack with kings, where mageblood does not.

  3. Valyre – I agree that they do change based on content; this is intended to be an overall guide to ‘what’s better most of the time’. I’d disagree with you on the issue of Adept’s Elixir vs Healing Power; the Adept’s does have a boost to +heal, and when you factor in the effect of the crit, it can come close to equalling the pure throughput boost of the Healing Power elixir (for instance, in my gear with my standard rotation, 1% crit = ~18-19 +heal, which would put the Adept’s Elixir very close to the Healing Power without even counting the mana restoration. (I agree that relying on a crit at the right time is fatal, of course, and I wouldn’t use them on fights where that was the case.)

    …That said, of course, you know your own gear, and you know what holes you need to plug better than I do :)

    (Thanks for the reminder about the Wizard Oil, too; I double-checked that and then totally forgot to put it in anyway.)

  4. Asros – thanks for the feedback! I’m going to stick to my guns over the Mageblood vs Draenic Wisdom recommendation, though :) 30 Int, plus Kings, = 33 Int = 330 mana and about 0.41% spell crit for a level 70 paladin. The rate of mana return from spell crit obviously varies depending on your usual casting rotation, but with around 300ms latency (typical for Aussies, thus what I had to calculate on) it ranges from around 3.5 mp5 (with 100% FoLs) to around 12.5 mp5 (with 100% HLs) – obviously, that can change depending on how close to chain-casting you are. For reference, with around 300ms latency and a 3 FoL : 1 HL ratio, 1% spell crit works out around 6.4 mp5.

    So, 0.41% spell crit * 6.4 mp5 = about 2.6 mp5. (And, for me personally, about +7.5 equivalent +heal, but that varies very much dependent on gear.)

    Given that paladins have very mana-efficient spells, a huge mana pool is less essential for them than other healer types, and they have very poor passive regen to boot – so I personally feel that the 12-14mp5 of mageblood pots or elixirs is superior to an extra 330 mana and 0.4% spell crit (equating to 2-3 mp5 and a very small boost to healing output).

    That’s the reasoning. Obviously, if you find that you’re fine for regen but you need the extra mana, go to town and knock back those Elixirs of Draenic Wisdom. :)

  5. Also worth noting: the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is waaaay cheaper than the Elixir of Major Mageblood, mats-wise. For easy content, it’s probably a good compromise between full consumables vs none, but I still wouldn’t recommend it for more challenging fights to a paladin without a specific need for a larger mana pool.

  6. There’s also a weapon coating that stacks crit and spell damage called brilliant wizard oil. A bit more expensive, but worth it for healadins. Crit = mana regen :)

  7. Good advice, I dont think I have carried a healing pot in the last 2 years mind you. Between bubble and holy shock your pretty much covered in any sort of move out of the fire scenario and it uses your mana pot cooldown.

    Elixer of draenic wisdom is good for burst healing fights like Reliquary of Souls

  8. You missed Skullfish Soup, as buff food for some extra spellcrit. :)

    Dark Runes as equivalent to Demonic Runes

  9. Healing pots are often used in raid damage situations like naj’entus where everyone takes 8k damage and the raid healers can easily get overwhelmed by the slightest amount of raid damage after that. I use soulstones first, obviously, but have had to pot before.

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