Ahune, take two.

For those of you well-aware that I’m a tabardaholic, here’s the latest to grace my collection!

Tabard of Summer Skies

This means, of course, that we succeeded in getting Ahune down on the first attempt, this time around. Group makeup was: bear druid, holy paladin, prot paladin (the alt of one of the frost mages from last time), fire mage (the other frost mage from last time, post-respec) and a (different) BM hunter. Bear druid tanked the hailstone elite elemental, prot paladin held the swarms of little elementals, holy paladin (moi!) healed, and the mage and hunter DPSed. Zero problems – as it should be, given that everyone other than the prot pally was in T5+ gear.

Given the un-sterling loot off him, I’m not particularly fussed about going back in to farm him, but I’m glad to be able to say the sucker’s dead – and I’d have been mighty upset about missing out on the tabard!

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