Normal Service Has Resumed!

First of all, I’d like to apologise for my radio silence over the last, oh, month or two. My health yo-yoed quite a lot, which made it hard to keep up with WoW, let alone blogging – and, of course, once you’ve had a break it’s hard to know where to start again.

Anyway, I’m back now, so greetings to those of my readers who haven’t yet abandoned me, and thankyou to everyone who sent well-wishes and the like. :)

Coming up next: a series of checklists for instance quests, and then back to the paladin-fu!

8 thoughts on “Normal Service Has Resumed!”

  1. /cheer Glad to hear one of my favourite bloggers is back in business.

    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!


  2. Yay you’re back figured when you said health reasons you meant more metaphorically

    But you’re alright now right?

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