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Mar 15

I apologise for the lack of tasty content over the last few days; I’ve been extremely tired, and doing the bare minimum.

This is something I’d been talking about with a friend lately anyway, so when I saw Anna of Too Many Annas blogging about what she packs for a raid, I thought I’d join in!

Here’s what I take for a raid – for reference, I’m a holy paladin with a main healer/off tank spec. (As you doubtless already know, if you’re reading this!)



  • Healing set 1: focused on spell crit & +heal
  • Healing set 2: balanced between +heal and mp5
  • A metric bajillion extra trinkets and librams, for situational use
  • Offtanking/AoE tanking set
  • Spelldamage set – not that I usually need it for raiding, but there’s no way I have room for it in my bank!

And this is why I have full 20-slot bags, both in my bank and equipped, and I still only ever have 6-10 empty bag slots.

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Comment by Firelight

Made Monday, 17 of March , 2008 at 8:59 pm

I think Hybrid classes like Paladins/Shamans and druids need to be given 40 slot bags!

I have 1x 20 slot bag, and 3x 18 slot bags and i only ever have 5-10 slots free.

Backpack: Hearthstone, 200x Symbol of Kings, 5 Flying Mounts, 4 Land Mounts, 3 Pets and my picnic basket.

18 Slot Number 1: This is where I keep my food, pots, flasks and other allsorted items.

18 Slot Number 2: 6 Librams, Quest Items, and Free space.

18 Slot Number 3 and 20 Slot Bag:

Tanking gear, 2 DPS weapons, and More DPS gear.

I actually had to sell all my healing gear the other day as it was just getting too much having all this gear!!

I’m actually condsidering destroying all my Tier 4 gear! O.o

Comment by Siha

Made Saturday, 22 of March , 2008 at 3:38 am

I feel your pain. I have 264 bag slots all up, between bank and inventory, and I still only have ~8 slots free at any given time.
That said, how could you ditch your healing gear?! We _are_ hybrids, after all… I can’t imagine telling my raid “oh, no, I vendored my tanking gear so I had room to keep my mounts and pets and stuff”!

Comment by gt

Made Tuesday, 25 of March , 2008 at 2:12 pm

Woah. I thought I overpacked for raids. I feel better. Reagents/Consumables is pretty much exactly the same except for the Dense Stone. You carry more gear then me by far. I must… get… more sets!

Comment by Firelight

Made Tuesday, 25 of March , 2008 at 7:49 pm

I’ve had 1100-1200 Healing gear on me, and had been starting to replace it with SSC/TK Epic drops that the paladin team didnt want for some time. But in the 6 months i’ve been in the guild i’ve never once been asked to heal.

If i have to throw a quick Holy light onto a tank or myself in battle i dont have the ability to swap gear.

Basically i sacrificed the holy gear to make way for more dps gear.

I have 5 sets of armour on me at any one time:

Trash Mobs Set.
Boss Encounter Set.
Tanking Set.
150 Hit Rating Set.
PvP Set.

I have no more room for other stuff! So the Healing set had to go. Instead i’m concentrating on getting my tanking gear sorted! I’m asked to off tank more often than i ever thought(not in raids really but in instances)

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