A Guide to Daily Quests IV: Netherwing

4. Netherwing Quests
These give Netherwing reputation.

4.1 Precursors:
The Netherwing dailies require you to have Neutral rep (one starts at Hated) with the Netherwing faction before you begin, which is gained by doing a quest chain given by Mordenai, an NPC wandering in the Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. This quest chain will reward you with a huge rep boost at the end, to make sure you are Neutral.

The series is described at WoWhead; you need a flying mount to do this quest series (can’t be gotten around with warlock summons, as you need to speak with a dragon flying in the air at several points in the chain).

4.2 Other Requirements:
Unlike the other dailies, you need 300 riding skill – ie 5k gold – to begin the Netherwing daily quests. You don’t need an epic mount, but you do need the riding skill for one.

Note that you only need normal flying skill/mount for the prequests described in 4.1; you need the epic flying skill to go on to the post-Neutral dailies.

4.3 Quest Details:
The starting levels of the Netherwing daily quests are by far the most grindy of the daily quests, and require a fair bit of work every day. They’re still popular because you need Exalted Netherwing faction to buy a Nether Drake mount, but I would suggest that if you’re not chasing the faction/mount there are quicker and more fun ways to grind the equivalent amount of gold every day. I would rather grind for primals on a holy priest or prot warrior than do these quests. However, once you’ve hit Friendly reputation, some rather fun quests open up and the dailies from Friendly onwards are much more enjoyable. There are also a lot of Netherwing dailies: by the time you hit Revered you’ll have access to eight Netherwing daily quests, plus an extra one if you’re a miner, skinner or herbalist.

The quests are given by various NPCs at the Netherwing Ledge, an island full of Dragonmaw orcs and their associates, to the south of Shadowmoon Valley proper. Most of the questgivers are around 66,86. You’ll be disguised as a male Dragonmaw fel orc, and your mount will be disguised as a Netherdrake. Watch out though; some of the patrolling Dragonmaw can see through your disguise.

Eggs – not a daily, but they deserve a special mention.
This is a netherwing egg. They are as rare as hen’s teeth. If you see one, do your damndest to get to it and loot it; climb over the corpses of your best friends if you have to. Netherwing eggs can be handed in for 250 rep apiece (350 for the first one), and can be handed in whenever you get one, not counting towards your daily quest limit; this is especially useful when you’ve done all your Netherwing dailies for the day and you’re a hundred rep off a new faction level (with new quests to do).

Eggs are BoP, and can drop off mobs or spawn on the ground. When it comes to ground spawns, look for faint plumes of pink vapour; they rise from the eggs and are a good visual marker. (For everyone, so make sure you run fast.) When you’re in the mines (see below), check inside the empty ore carts, as they can have eggs inside.

This quest, “The Not-So-Friendly Skies” is available at Neutral, and it’s awful. It requires you to shoot down Dragonmaw Transporters and loot Netherwing Relics off them, but there are only a very few locations where you can safely stand to do so while still being in range of their patrol path. The Wowhead description gives some co-ordinates. Further, the mobs never get very close to you, so if you only have short-range attacks (eg paladins without avenger’s shield), you have to jump and time a short-range attack just right. Yeah, it’s as much fun as it sounds. I recommend teaming up with a friendly ranged DPSer for this quest, if you really feel the need to do it. As soon as you get to Friendly and have more choices for questing, drop this one like a hot rock.

This quest is called “A Slow Death“, and is fairly tedious although not nearly as bad as the relics quest. It’s a two-stage quest: first you have to gather 12 Fel Glands from wildlife in Shadowmoon Valley (not on the Dragonmaw island, on the main continent), and then you use those to poison camps of fel orc peons working for the Dragonmaw.

You can gather the Fel Glands anywhere in Shadowmoon Valley, off all kinds of wildlife. My personal preference is to kill the Netherskates (nether-ray-type mobs) that occupy the cliff directly north of the Netherwing Ledge; they have a decent drop rate, and also drop motes of mana for bonus farming. Once you’ve got 12, head back to the Netherwing Ledge and start poisoning the peons. To do this, just use the Yarzill’s Mutton quest item near a working group of peons; they’re generally gathered around clusters of the big aqua crystals.

* Watch out for patrolling Dragonmaw Ascendants; they’re 72 elites and they will smash you. Cloth-wearers will get two-shot. Your best bet is to remount and fly up after dropping every piece of mutton, just in case there’s one getting near that you haven’t spotted. It’s even better if you can do this quest with a partner who can play spotter while you get to your poisoning.

* Check each camp before you place the mutton. You want to make sure that each camp has at least two orcs in it, that none of them are bugged out (bugged ones will be standing still, with no animation or activity) and that there’s no geographical weirdness that would stop the orcs from running to the mutton you place (eg trenches, crystals blocking the way, etc).

Netherwing Crystals
This is a simple drop quest, except that you have to get 40 drops, which means killing about 120 mobs. They drop best in the mines; very few mobs on the surface of Netherwing Ledge drop them (only the rays around the outside of the ledge, plus one elite flayer at the peak of the mountain). The only good thing is that they drop regardless of whether you have the quest or not, so you can farm a few each day while using your daily-quest quota on something more rewarding, and then do a crystals hand-in once every few days for the rep. Frankly, I didn’t bother doing this until I got to Friendly, because it’s not until you hit friendly that you get quests to go into the mines.

Nethercite Ore/Netherdust Pollen/Nethermine Flayer Hide
A simple gathering quest from gathering nodes and mob-skinning above ground and in the mines. Note that although the items are BoE, you can’t get the quest to hand them in unless you have the gathering profession in question – so you can store them on a banker while you save up enough to hand in, but you can’t just buy them on the AH or get them on a farmer alt to hand in on your main.

Now this is a fun quest. :) It has a precursor which is available at Friendly reputation, which sees you go kill Tyrantus the non-elite devilsaur (found in Ecodome Farfield in Netherstorm). Mmm, revenge for Un’goro Crater! Hand in Tyrantus’ hide and 10 Knothide Leather, and Overseer Mudlump will give you your Booterang and a daily quest to use it.

This daily quest is best done at the same time as the Poisoning quest described above. It involves skimming around all the camps of working peons and finding the disobedient lazy spongers who are holding back the glory of the Dragonmaw, and beating some sense into them. With a boot. (As Austin Powers would say: “A shoe?! Who throws a shoe?”) There are four types of disobedient peons:

* sleeping. They will be lying near a camp with purple “Zzzzz”s floating up. Whap! Booterang!
* wandering. They will be walking in confused-looking circles near a camp with a few symbols over their head like the scatter shot effect. Boot to the head.
* angry! They’re not going to take it any more! These peons are a) large and red, and b) hostile and attackable. A swift boot upside the head will cure that though.
* bugged. Their name may say “disobedient”, but they’ll be standing still with no animation or visual effects, and you’ll get an “invalid target” message if you try to booterang them. Ignore them.

As best I can tell, any working peon has a random chance to become disobedient. Also, word to the wise: you do not need to dismount when booteranging; you can throw your boot from dragonback. This is very handy, what with all the Ascendants running around.

Ore Carts
This quest – “Picking Up The Pieces” – is given by the Mistress of the Mines at 63,88. It sends you into the mines to pick up crates of Nethermine Cargo. If you’re only going to do one daily, this should be it: it pays 18 gold, rather than the standard 12, and it’s dead easy. The quest items are looted from the ground; they look like mine trolleys heaped with various colours of ore. There are a few rooms that are full of carts and best for gathering them. I can’t describe the path to get there, but look out for the room with multiple trolley-tracks up high and a whole lot of oozes and crust-bursters at ground level.

Ravagers & Flayers
This quest, “Dragons Are The Least Of Our Problems”, is given by an overseer just inside the mine entrance. You’ll need to kill 15 Nethermine Flayers and 5 Nethermine Ravagers, who are very high-DPS mobs. Head on down into the mines until you get to the two or three connected rooms full of flayers; ravagers spawn in here too. Just not very often. Unless you get really lucky, you’ll have killed your 15 flayers five times over before you get all 5 ravagers.

Your best bet is to work out where the ravagers spawn (I believe each room has two diagonally-opposite spawn points, one in the west-most side alcove and one across from it) and park yourself there, killing flayers while you wait. You’ll need to move fast when a ravager spawns, as they scuttle fast and unpredictably; if you’re not in its agro radius you may well loseWeight Exercise the mob when it runs off on its path. Ravagers are in high demand, so if it runs away it probably won’t live to run back again.

This quest is best combined with Netherwing Crystals, as the ravagers and flayers drop 1-2 crystals about 33% of the time, and the skinning quest (from flayers) or mining quest (from side alcoves in the ravager/flayer rooms) if you have the relevant professions.

The Nagrand Quest
Once you hit Honoured, Morg’hor gives the quest “Disrupting the Twilight Portal”, for which you have to fly alllll the way out to the Twilight Ridge on the western side of Nagrand. It’s worth doing, though, as the kills aren’t particularly difficult and it gives 500 rep.

When you get to the Twilight Ridge, park yourself in the middle of the Big Stone Archway, at ground level. This is the only safe place to do this quest, unless you have a full group that can cope with nasty 71 elites patrolling around. Trying to pull from anywhere else while dodging all the patrolling elites (various 71 elite ogres and a gigantic 73 elite eredar called Reth’hedron the Subduer) is not worth your time, blood pressure or repair bills.

Stand at the floor of the Big Stone Archway, and pull the mobs that are clustered around the archway channelling spells. None of the elites will come within agro range, unless you get a runner, and the mobs can generally be pulled singly (or, at most, a few pairs). There are about 10 mobs around the archway, so you’ll need to wait for respawn. You can cut down your wait time by killing a few of the warlocks that are grouped around the metal items to the sides of the archway, but pull carefully – you’ll need to line-of-sight them around the side of the pillar to get them to come in, if you can’t pull with counterspell or silencing shot. You need to get them to run to the archway, or else they’ll pull the elite ogre when he paths by.

The Group Quest
This comes when you hit Revered; there’s separate ones for Aldor and Scryers. In either case, you’re given a mission by the Dragonmaw to lead an attack against the Sanctum of the Stars (Scryers) or Altar of Sha’tar (Aldor). Of course, you betray the orcs, and return with “proof” that you defeated the Scryers/Aldor even though all your Dragonmaw troops died.

This is a group quest, recommending 3 people although it can be done with 2 (or even soloed, if you’re clever and don’t mind graveyard zergs). The friendly NPC who starts the quest should be healed whenever possible (along with the other defender NPCs), and DPSers can help kill the attacking orcs. If you get agro, kite the mob through the entire town to get all the NPCs fighting on your side, not just the defenders spawned by the event. For those of you that used to do the event to get the Field Papers signed in Silithus (fighting against the giant bug that spawned), this is a similar event on a smaller scale.

And that’s it so far. I hope the guide has been useful; I’ll update it as other daily quests are released. Feel free to ask any questions!

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