Moving on… to The Old Republic.

So, that new project I talked about?

CrewSkills, my all-new gaming blog.

CrewSkills is a Star Wars: The Old Republic blog; it’ll have a primary focus on crafting, trade skills, and the crew skills system in general. You can also expect to find other stuff there of the kind I used to post here; general gameplay discussion, guides to in-game content, conversation about whatever class I wind up playing, and all that other good stuff. If you liked Banana Shoulders, and you’re planning on playing SW:TOR, you’ll like CrewSkills too.

…I hope! ;) Feedback is always welcome, of course, and I’d especially love to hear from anybody who’s planning on trying out SW:TOR when it launches in December. I’m really excited about CrewSkills (the blog – and the game system, too) and I’m looking forward to diving in from scratch. I’ve well and truly got the blogging buzz again.

4 thoughts on “Moving on… to The Old Republic.”

  1. I’s not likely fer ta migrate ta SWTOR – Azeroth still be workin’ fer me, and the missus gets creeped out by science fiction. But I’s got a curiosity or two, so I’ll be readin’ CrewsKills neverthelesses. Wishin fun on the new adventure!

  2. TY.

    I appreciate all the effort you spent on Banana Shoulders and used it so much, especially pre-Ulduar.

    I have my CE ordered from Amazon.

    I am, barely, gold-capped in WoW and hav returned to EVE Online so crafting is of considerable interest. I never played SWG so a lot of the explanations of TOR in terms of SWG and KOTOR are lost on me. I hope you can provide some crafting for ex-WoW players.

    I am trying to not get my hopes up; in spite of my preferences I understand if due to time constraints crafting is not as robust in as I would like. ( You don’t ship a game on 12/20 unless you are running a tad late. )

    And so BS evolves to CS; I shall see you there and have added it to my google Reader.

  3. It’s delightful to see you back writing again.

    I’m not sure yet about SWTOR but if I do play I’ll certainly read your thoughts.

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