It hasn’t quite been a year since I vanished so precipitously, and I’ve felt guilty for it pretty much every day of that year. The truth is that I was rapidly running out of steam due to various RL factors, and I didn’t have the time or energy to overcome it — but, equally, I wasn’t ready to just quit and say goodbye, so I kept promising myself “I’ll post tomorrow…” and tomorrow, as everybody knows, never comes. And the silence stretched and became uncomfortable, and I figured everyone would have given me up as a flake.

And who knows, maybe you have! I certainly couldn’t blame you if you had. But I’m back, and for those of you that are still listening, I’m keen to get back on the horse. Drop me a line if you’re still around; I’m so very out of touch with the blogosphere these days!

So, over the next little while I’ll be spiffing this place up a bit, blowing the dust off the fixtures, finally fixing the readability issues in IE6 (I hope). The blogging bug never really went away; I’ve recently started blogging over at iPaddendum, my iPad app review blog, and I have another project in mind for a few months’ time. But none of that quite satisfies the desire to talk about WoW and paladins, so here I am: I’m back. I hope you’ll give me a second chance. :)

31 thoughts on “…echo…echo…echo…”

  1. Hey! A new reader here, as we as a relatively new blogger. Just wanted to welcome you back, even though it’s my first time on this blog ever. I’ll keep looking for updates :-)

    By the way, as Kimberly above me stated, don’t bother with IE6. Its share in the browser market is less than 10% nowadays. It’s pretty much all IE7+8 and Firefox now. And some others that also play nice for the largest part.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment, and glad to have you as a reader. Also, thankyou for the useful feedback about IE6. ;)

  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to new great posts :-)
    And yeah as others already said, ignore IE6 those the still use it needs more incentive to ditch it ;-).

  4. Welcome back! Even though I had a reader clearout recently I couldn’t get rid of you and hoped you would return – pleased that you have!

  5. Woo! You still exist! I never removed you from my reader either.

    Now you just need to get into beta with all the rest of the cool kids.

  6. You are also still in my reader
    what I nice surprise to see a post from you pop up!

    i hope you’re back for real :-)

  7. Everyone has issues and everyone deals with them differently. Don’t worry about what even your readers think, just make sure you get yourself where you need to be.

    Great to see you back.

  8. Woohooo

    your back, I miss a good pally blog. Many out there, not many as good as yours…

    oh and please don’t require registration to read the only interesting bits.. or i’ll never read them :)

    welcome back

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